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APRIL 2019 • E&MJ 73 PROCESSING SOLUTIONS The non-nuclear SDM, according to the company, is easy to install and cal- ibrate, and it claims the transition from nuclear to ultrasonic technology can sig- nifi cantly reduce operational costs, relat- ed administration workload and eliminate nuclear's associated health and safety risks on-site. Gas Analyzer Uses Laser Tech for Accurate Plant Emissions Monitoring As compliance demands for emissions monitoring and nitrogen oxide mea- surement in industrial applications be- come more stringent, companies have the opportunity to move beyond costly consumables and complex gas sample treatment associated with aging, leg- acy measurement systems, according to Emerson Automation Solutions. The U.S.-based company offers its Rose- mount CT4400 continuous gas anal- yzer as the world's fi rst purpose-built Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and Tun- able Diode Laser (TDL) analyzer designed to help plants reduce ownership costs and report emissions accurately in envi- ronmental monitoring applications mea- suring standard components, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Optimized for cold and dry applica- tions running at ambient pressure, the Rosemount CT4400 analyzer offers the benefi ts of QCL/TDL technology, includ- ing high sensitivity, accuracy, improved stability, and low-drift performance in a confi guration that allows fast, easy inte- gration into existing plant infrastructure. Emerson claims the Rosemount CT4400 continuous gas analyzer ensures reliable detection and monitoring of gases and al- lows operators to avoid costly regulatory fi nes or unexpected shutdowns. "Our customers are looking for a bet- ter way to measure emissions without the ongoing high costs or need for fre- quent calibration and complex sample preparation that requires NOx converters or ozone generators," said Paul Miller, managing director for Rosemount Quan- tum Cascade laser analyzers, Emerson Automation Solutions. "The Rosemount CT4400 Continuous Gas Analyzer gives them an answer to their exact require- ments in a confi guration they can just plug into their existing systems and be off and running — at a lower cost than previously possible." Because the system can hold up to four laser modules, it can measure up to seven application-specifi c gas com- ponents simultaneously, providing great fl exibility in continuous emissions mon- itoring systems (CEMS) applications. This simultaneous, multi-component analysis within a single analyzer reduc- es the need for multiple analyzers, and thus the cost. At the heart of the Rosemount CT4400 is Emerson's QCL technology, which detects gas molecules in both the near- and mid-infrared wavelength range. The system employs a patented laser chirp technique that enables detection of individual gas species, free from the cross-interference effects of other gas components in the stream, making the measurement highly accurate and stable down to sub-ppm con- centrations. This, said Emerson, ensures op- erators meet increas- ingly demanding reg- ulatory requirements, while real-time report- ing provides critical insight into process performance. 100-hp Single-phase Motor Simplifi es Power Requirements Single Phase Power Solutions has intro- duced what it describes as the world's fi rst 100-hp single-phase electric mo- tor, the Belle Single-Phase Motor, which uses Written-Pole technology to provide compatibility with readily-available sin- gle-phase utility services. According to the company, the starting and operating characteristics provided by this technology minimize voltage sags and fl icker on long single-phase distribu- tion lines, making it suitable for indus- trial applications in areas where three- phase power is not readily available or cost-effective, and eliminating the need for phase converters or complex variable frequency-drive installations. Featuring a totally enclosed fan-cooled design in a cast iron frame, the motor is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation in demanding environments and applica- tions. Rated at 100 hp, 460 v at 1,800 rpm, the company said the innovative design delivers 95.5% effi ciency at rated load with a near-unity power factor. The NEMA 449T frame motor weighs about 2,700 lb (1225 kg) and draws 170 amps at full load. The motor windings are fabricated using high-grade copper and Class H insulation materials similar to those used in premium three-phase elec- tric motors. The design eliminates brush- es, slip-rings and internal rotary switches. The company said its Belle motors, available now in ratings from 30 to 100 hp, are ideal for mining applications such as powering pumps, compressors, injec- tion wells, as well as blowers, fans, dryers and wastewater processing. It also noted that due to their synchronous operation, Belle motors achieve levels of energy effi - ciency comparable to premium-effi ciency three-phase motors. The new Rhosonics SDM WT ultrasonically provides slurry density value in percent solids with accuracy up to 0.005. Single-phase motors are capable of cutting energy bills and operating costs in the right applications, according to supplier Single Phase Power Solutions. Emerson Automation Solutions says its Rosemount CT4400 gas analyzer offers higher performance at lower cost.

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