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APRIL 2019 • E&MJ 77 EQUIPMENT GALLERY those originally built into the platform's basic visualization tool. The new module delivers a quicker, easier way to search for, and view assets, Sandvik reported. Separately, Sandvik introduced the PowerCarbide range of rock drilling tools. The range offers a unique combination of strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance, the company reported. The range consists of the grades DP55, DP65, GC80, SH70, XT49, XT70 and XT90. New grades will be developed, the company reported. Solution Digitalizes Mine Safety Record Systems Sync Mine Safety showcased its mine safe- ty fi les digitalization solution. The solution allows a company to take its paper- and fi ling cabinet-based safety record manage- ment system and transition it to a tailored cloud-based system that is accessible in the mine or head offi ces on desktop com- puters or handheld devices via a Web portal. It enables training forms and fi les to be accessed in remote corners of the mine on a tablet in seconds, the company reported. The forms and fi les can be down- loaded, fi lled out, signed, submitted and uploaded back to the cloud for storage, processing and quick retrieval later. Parts of the process can be automated. The typ- ical system has built-in compliance logic to help users meet critical MSHA rules. Implementation time can be as short as a couple of days. The primary benefi t of the solution is in how it facilitates opera- tor competency fi eld training that incorpo- rates MSHA, industry and company best practices, while nearly eliminating paper- work, the company reported. Rugged Compressor Range Offers Effi ciency Atlas Copco released the GA 110-160 VSD+ oil-injected screw compressor range, the latest air compressor range in the smart AIR solutions portfolio. It features a new state-of-the-art compression element. The models in the range are, on aver- age, 12% more effi cient than predecessor competition, the company reported. Fea- tures include Smart Injection technology, ensuring that just the right amount of oil is working with the element, and an oil- cooled, IE5 permanent magnet motor. Optimum effi ciency is achieved through a highly effi cient drive train, low internal pressure drops and precise control, the com- pany reported. An- other innovation is the pressure and fl ow bandwidth capability, which ensures maximum effi ciency across a wide range of load demands, without idling or losing effi ciency or uptime. The new GA 110-160 VSD+ features a patented portal design, which enables full access to all components. Service intervals for the range are roughly 8,000 hours, the company reported. The design and protection features were engineered for the most rugged, harsh environments. Smart Vision Lights Wins Award Smart Vision Lights (SVL) announced its NanoDrive technology won the 2019 Prism Award in the Light Sources catego- ry. Designed to enable ultrafast times for lights to switch fully on, the NanoDrive LED light driver can supply full current to LEDs in 50 nanoseconds and provide up to hundreds of amps, the company reported. The solution was engineered for vision-in- spection applications that require rapid image acquisition or short image exposure. SVL was among 30 companies nom- inated for the award and one of three fi nalists in the lighting category. Jointly sponsored by SPIE and Photonics Media, the Prism Awards recognize the best from all fi elds of the optoelectronics industry. See us at CIM Booth #1527 Maximize Tire Life with the MICHELIN ® XDR 3 Protect your rig- id dump trucks with the dura- ble MICHELIN ® XDR ® 3 tire. This tire offers great- er resistance to aggression and better longevity thanks to a rev- olutionary tread pattern. The in- terlocking shoulder blocks and ex- cellent load distribution allow this new tread to take on tough jobs. The MEMS-ready MICHELIN ® XDR ® 3 is the long-lasting tire your fl eet needs to maximize uptime.

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