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BAUMA 2019 HIGHLIGHTS 40 E&MJ • MAY 2019 One of the most interesting product launches at the bauma 2019 trade- show in April was the Metso Truck Body (MTB). The company has provided rub- ber liners for truck boxes for decades and, having listened to customer re- quests for a product that combined the durability of a rubber liner with the capacity and strength of a lightweight steel body, it decided to develop its own solution. "Hauling is one of the most cost- intensive components of a typical min- ing or quarrying operation. In addition to fuel and labor, there's plenty of maintenance involved, too," said Lars Skoog, vice president of Mining Wear Lining and Screening, who led the MTB launch event. "To ensure cost efficiency, a haul truck should carry as much payload as possible on every round. At Metso, we set out to tackle this challenge and de- signed a truck body that requires min- imal maintenance while maximizing payload. The result is a lower operating cost per hauled ton." The MTB is currently available for off-highway trucks in the 100-plus-ton class, although Skoog said Metso will be looking to extend the range to small- er truck models in the future. The rubber that lines the tray absorbs the energy created through material im- pacts, preventing it from reaching the frame and thus allowing a lightweight, high-strength steel structure to be used, instead of a traditional steel frame. The benefits include up to six times more wear life compared to bodies fitted with a steel liner, half the noise and 97% less vibration. Skoog explained: "Many mines pre- fer lightweight truck bodies because they enable them to carry more payload. However, the problem with these tradi- tional lightweight bodies is their lack of durability — they often have to be replaced in every one or two years, or repaired, which gets expensive. "The rubber lining and high struc- tural strength steel frame [of the MTB] have been engineered in a seamless process, utilizing the best qualities of both materials." Unlike the Duratray suspended dump body (the closest other hybrid design on the market) where the rubber lining is suspended above a lightweight steel frame, the rubber lining of the MTB is stud welded to the frame in pieces. The advantage of this is that each piece can be replaced individually as it becomes worn to help cut maintenance time and costs. The type of polymer used for each piece can also be customized to suit the application, and an optional flexible lin- er can be added for operations that have issues with carry back. The biggest benefit is that MTB typ- ically weighs 20%-30% less than a tra- ditional steel-lined truck body. Depend- ing on the application, this translates into a payload increase of several tons per truck, per cycle; extra dollars that will go straight to a mine's bottom line. Finnish miner Terrafame has been testing the MTB at its Sotkamo oper- ation since December 2018 and has been pleased with its performance. The mine's ore is extremely abrasive and Terrafame was looking for a wear solu- tion that would not decrease the pay- load of its trucks. "So far, the drivers have only given positive feedback about the body," said Esa-Tapani Leinonen, head of mining at Sotkamo. "If this truck body proves to be cost-efficient, there's no reason why we would not invest in more units." The MTB was one of three product launches that Metso had in store for the bauma crowd. The company also added a new model to its MX range of Multi-Action cone crushers — the MX3 — and gave the Lokotrack ST2.3 mobile multiuse screen its global premier. Metso Makes Waves at bauma 2019 Offering several new products for the mining sector, Metso CEO talks efficiency and sustainability By Carly Leonida, European Editor Finnish miners test the new truck body (above) from Metso at the Sotkamo mine. (Photo: Metso)

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