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BAUMA 2019 HIGHLIGHTS MAY 2019 • E&MJ 41 The MX3 is aimed at the midsized quarrying and aggregates market. It is suitable for secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing stages in both hard- and soft-rock applications. Arto Halonen, vice president for Metso's Crushers and Aggregates business area, said that a stationary version will be available first, followed by a mobile solution. The Lokotrack ST2.3 is suitable for a range of applications from multiuse to fine screening and recycling. It has a 5-ft-wide screen with matching feeder and conveyor, and aggressive stroke up to 13 mm with 5G acceleration. Metso said it is easy to set up and can be eas- ily moved from one site to another using standard trailers. The product will be commercially available as of 2020. Vauramo Means Business In addition to the product presentations, Metso's president and CEO, Pekka Vau- ramo, was on hand to give an update on the company's progress and business trends. Vauramo joined Metso in May 2018 from Finnair, but is no newcomer to the mining industry, having worked at Sandvik for more than 20 years through the 1980-2000s. Efficient classification is the secret to improving the performance of your grinding circuit. Operators around the world have achieved significant increases in grinding mill capacity by closing their circuits with Derrick ® high-capacity Stack Sizer ® screening machines fitted with non-blinding, long-lasting Polyweb ® urethane panels (as fine as 38 microns). As an added benefit, efficient classification provides better top size control and eliminates overgrinding, resulting in better product recovery in downstream separation steps. Improve your bottom line. Contact Derrick today to learn how you can benefit from this game-changing technology. D E R R I C K ® U R E T H A N E S C R E E N S ® Improve your grinding circuit and maximize product recovery! Normet Launches Smart Systems Labeling itself a pioneer in tunneling and underground mining equipment, Finland's Normet debuted its SmartDrive battery electric vehicle architecture, SmartScan 3D laser scanning technology and SmartSpray — the next step toward automated concrete spraying technology. Normet SmartDrive uses industrial-grade Lithium-Ion battery technology and electric motors specifically designed for harsh envi- ronments. The batteries have a long life and a fast charging capa- bility. With the onboard charging system, it needs only 2.5 hours to load the batteries from 0% to 80%. The machine can be charged anytime from any typical underground AC-socket or in the matter of minutes by fast chargers. There is no need to swap batteries. SmartScan combines the latest sensor technology with shot- creting equipment. Mounted inside a stainless-steel box at the front of the concrete spraying machine, the enclosure needs only to be opened for starting the scan via the touchscreen. The IP65-rated laser scans the face in 50 m maximum range, 0° to 180° horizontal and -60° to +140° vertical angle before spray- ing. With a second scan after spraying concrete, the software automatically compares both measurements and presents in real time, the thickness of the applied shotcrete. SmartSpray is available in the three versions Lite, Pro and ProPlus. SmartSpray Lite allows the operator to control only one spraying nozzle by using only one joystick to perform basic spray- ing movements instead of handling two or four joysticks. With SmartSpray Pro, automatic movements are possible for regular spraying. The operator only needs to adjust the distance to the surface and to move to the next spraying segment. SmartSpray ProPlus automatically keeps the distance between the spraying nozzle and the wall profile, maintains the speed and achieves the demanded layer thickness. Normet said it makes a begin- ning sprayer operator look like a seasoned master.

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