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48 E&MJ tMAY 2019 MINING IN QUEBEC Introduction Institutional and financial support sustain a timeless history 4XÃEHFnVPLQLQJKLVWRU\FDQEHWUDFHGEDFN as far as the discovery of North America, when Jacques Cartier discovered quartz and pyrite on the slopes of Cap Diamant. Since the discovery of lead in 1686 in the $ELWLEL7ÃPLVFDPLQJXH UHJLRQ IROORZHG E\ 4XÃEHFnV ILUVW JROG UXVK LQ WKH V DIWHU the discovery of a gold nugget in the Beauce region by Clothilde Gilbert, mining has been IXQGDPHQWDOWRWKHGHYHORSPHQWRIm/D%HOOH 3URYLQFHn Today, mining remains the foundation RI 4XÃEHFnV HFRQRP\ o7KH PLQLQJ VHFWRU SOD\V D QHXUDOJLF UROH LQ 4XÃEHFnV HFRQRP\ and in the dynamism of our regions. Our government relies on the significant contri- bution of this sector in a more sustainable economy, especially with regard to the chal- lenges of energy transition. Our vision is to have a responsible development of our min- eral resources for the durable prosperity of 4XÃEHFp VDLG -RQDWDQ -XOLHQ 0LQLVWHU RI Energy and Natural Resources, Government RI4XÃEHF 2Q WKH EDFN RI VWURQJ LQVWLWXWLRQDO VXS- port, the industry remains in an enviable position on both a national and global lev- el. From mining-related associations, the 4XÃEHF 0LQLQJ $VVRFLDWLRQ 40$DQG WKH 4XÃEHF 0LQHUDO ([SORUDWLRQ $VVRFLDWLRQ (QMEA), to financial organizations stimu- lating resource development (La Caisse de GÃSÎW HW SODFHPHQW GX 4XÃEHF 5HVVRXUFHV 4XÃEHF6248(06,'(;DQG%02&DSLWDO 0DUNHWV4XÃEHFKDVWKHNQRZOHGJHPHDQV and geological endowment to prosper as JOREDOPDUNHWFRQGLWLRQVLPSURYH Balancing sustainability and permitting ,Q WKH 40$ HQWHUHG LQWR DQ DJUHH- ment with the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) for a four-year mandate to ensure that all mining installations implement the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative r D SHUIRUPDQFH V\VWHP WKDW KHOSV PLQLQJ companies evaluate and manage their envi- ronmental and social responsibilities. Having already achieved 92% of this target by Q3 -RVÃH 0ÃWKRW 40$nV SUHVLGHQW DQG &(2VSRNHRIWKHZLOOLQJQHVVRIWKH4XÃEHF mining community to demonstrate its com- PLWPHQW WR VXVWDLQDELOLW\ o>PLQLQJ FRPSD- QLHV@ WRRN WKH FKDOOHQJH KHDGRQ WKHUHIRUH we did not have to implement tactics to influence them, they simply agreed to the SURFHVVp Despite its numerous advantages as a mature and predictable jurisdiction, the chal- lenges of advancing an exploration project to production run deeper than commodity-mar- NHWG\QDPLFV/HQJWK\SHUPLWWLQJSURFHVVHV at the provincial and federal levels are driving up costs and, in a challenging investment cli- mate, undermining the economic feasibility RIDSURMHFW0ÃWKRWODPHQWHGWKHDPRXQWRI WLPHLWWDNHVIRUH[SORUHUVWRREWDLQHQYLURQ- mental authorizations, emphasizing the need Towns of Labrador City and Wabush. Photo courtesy of Alderon Iron Ore. Jonatan Julien, Minister of Energy and Natural 5HVRXUFHV*RYHUQPHQWRI4XÃEHF

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