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MAY 2019

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50 E&MJ tMAY 2019 MINING IN QUEBEC %02&DSLWDO0DUNHWVQDPHGE\*OREDO)LQDQFHDVWKHZRUOGnV EHVWPHWDOVDQGPLQLQJLQYHVWPHQWEDQNIRUWKHODVWQLQHFRQVHFX- tive years, assists mining clients through the development cycle DQGKHOSVSDLUWKRVHVHHNLQJFDSLWDOLVVXHUVZLWKWKHULJKWVRXUFHV and structures. Nicolas Brunet, managing director of investment DQGFRUSRUDWHEDQNLQJDW%02KLJKOLJKWHGWKHILUPnVUHFHQWO\HV- WDEOLVKHGQHZDJHPHWDOVWHDPWKDWWDUJHWVLVVXHUVZRUNLQJLQWKH lithium, cobalt and graphite space. Commenting on how BMO col- ODERUDWHGZLWKRWKHUIXQGVWRIDFLOLWDWHWKHILQDQFLQJIRU1HPDVND Lithium, the largest stand-alone lithium-financing operation to- GDWH %UXQHW VWDWHG o,W ZDV FULWLFDO IRU DOO ILQDQFLQJ VRXUFHV WKDW WKH ILQDQFLQJ SDFNDJH EH FRPSOHWH LH WKDW WKH IXQGV UDLVHG EH sufficient to build the mine and transformation plant. It is highly XQOLNHO\WKDWRQHVRXUFHDORQHFRXOGKDYHDFKLHYHGWKLVFRRSHUD- WLRQZDVFULWLFDOp $V D VXEVLGLDU\ RI ,QYHVWLVVHPHQW 4XÃEHF 5HVVRXUFHV 4XÃEHF LV WKH JDWHZD\ IRU FRPSDQLHV VHHNLQJ WR LQYHVW LQ WKH PLQLQJ DQG hydrocarbon industries. In collaboration with the government, it has access to C$1.5 billion to support mining projects in the region. In recent years, the organization has modified its mandate to add re- newable energy as one of its focus areas, and has adapted its ap- proach to form partnerships with major producers such as Agnico Eagle, Glencore, IAMGOLD, and Hecla Mining, in addition to new SURMHFWGHYHORSPHQW,\D7RXUÃ93RI5HVVRXUFHV4XÃEHFHODERUDW- HGRQWKHHYROXWLRQRIWKHRUJDQL]DWLRQnVPDQGDWHo7KHFXUUHQWJUHHQ movement in the mining industry is having an impact on Ressources 4XÃEHFnVSROLFLHVDQGVWUDWHJ\7KH1HPDVND/LWKLXPSURMHFWIRUH[- ample, has huge potential due to the growing interest in the electric YHKLFOH(9PDUNHWpKHH[SODLQHGFRQWLQXLQJo7KHFKDOOHQJHQRZ LV WR EULQJ WKH SURMHFWV WR PDUNHW 5HVVRXUFHV 4XÃEHFnV FUHGLELOLW\ relies on these projects and we want to ensure that they are delivered RQWLPH7KH4XÃEHFPLQLQJHFRV\VWHPDOVRUHOLHVRQWKHVHSURMHFWV DQGZHEHOLHYHWKDWWKHLUVXFFHVVZLOODWWUDFWPRUHLQYHVWPHQWp 6248(0DVXEVLGLDU\RI5HVVRXUFHV4XÃEHFZRUNVZLWKLWVSDUW- ners to develop projects at all stages of the exploration cycle. Inno- YDWLRQKDVEHHQDNH\GULYHUIRU6248(0LQLOOXVWUDWHGE\D big data approach that succeeded in identifying six new exploration targets in partnership with Azimut Exploration, four of which led to discoveries. The future, however, needs more than just new technol- RJ\DQGPHWDOV:KLOHPLQLQJKDVDOZD\VUHTXLUHGORQJWHUPWKLQNLQJ on behalf of investors, the pursuit of short-term financial gains often characterized mining operations of the past. Today, the vision for an operation needs to stretch beyond financial gains and even beyond WKHVSDQRIDPLQHnVOLIH$QDGYRFDWHRIWKHEHQHILWVRIUHVSRQVLEOH PLQLQJ0LFKHO*LOEHUWSUHVLGHQWRI6248(0HPSKDVL]HGWKHLP- portance of how geology and economics combine with human re- sources, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. ([SODLQLQJ6248(0nVIRUZDUGORRNLQJIRFXV*LOEHUWHODERUDWHGo:H DUHZRUNLQJQRWRQO\RQZKDWPLQHUDOZHVKRXOGEHIRFXVHGRQQRZ but also which metals and minerals will be important ten years from QRZZHDUHDIWHUDOODQH[SORUDWLRQFRPSDQ\p $QRWKHULQVWLWXWLRQDOIXQGORRNLQJWRZRUNZLWKLQQRYDWLYHVPDOOHU FRPSDQLHVLV6,'(;DOLPLWHGSDUWQHUVKLSWKDWILQDQFHVH[SORUDWLRQ FRPSDQLHVDQGDLPVWRHQFRXUDJHPLQHUDOGLYHUVLILFDWLRQ,Q 6,'(;ILQDQFHGQHZHQWUHSUHQHXUV.LQWDYDUDQG+DUIDQJ5HVRXUFHV 0LFKHO&KDPSDJQH&(2DQGJHQHUDOPDQDJHURI6,'(;RXWOLQHGLWV VWUDWHJ\o&UHDWLQJQHZFRQFHSWVDQGWHFKQLTXHVZLWKLQWKHPLQLQJ industry can change the playing field and pave the road for more and EHWWHUGLVFRYHULHVWREHPDGHpKHVDLGo6,'(;KDVDIRFXVRQLQ- novation with the hope to find the next transformational technology RUWHFKQLTXHIRUWKHJOREDOPLQLQJLQGXVWU\p Nicolas Brunet, managing director of investment DQGFRUSRUDWHEDQNLQJ%02 ,\D7RXUÃ935HVVRXUFHV4XÃEHF Michel Champagne, CEO and general manager, 6,'(;

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