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58 E&MJ tMAY 2019 MINING IN QUEBEC Iron Ore & Base Metals Premium-quality iron ore in high demand The Labrador Trough, an extensive belt of mineralization running through the provinc- HV RI 4XÃEHF DQG 1HZIRXQGODQG /DEUD- dor, has been producing iron ore since the V 5RXJKO\ NP VRXWK WKH SRUW RI 6HSW¨OHV r &DQDGDnV ODUJHVW LURQ RUH H[SRUW SRUW r VKLSV SURGXFW IRU VWHHO SURGXFWLRQ around the world, of which China accounted IRULQ Although the price of regular-grade iron RUH KDV VOXPSHG VLQFH KLJKHUJUDGH iron ore concentrate of 65% Fe and above, with a lower content of alumina, is attracting D SULFH SUHPLXP DV &KLQD ORRNV WR UHGXFH its carbon emissions. Tayfun Eldem, presi- dent and CEO of Alderon Iron Ore, explained: o&KLQD FRQWLQXHV WR GULYH WKH LURQ RUH PDUNHW EXW LQ UHFHQW \HDUV its influence has shifted towards product quality, rather than being VROHO\ YROXPHEDVHG GXH WR WKH FRXQWU\nV VWULFW SROLFLHV WR FXUE DLU SROOXWLRQp $OGHURQnVDGYDQFHGVWDJHSUHPLXPTXDOLW\.DPLLURQRUHSURMHFW is fully permitted to commence construction. The project will contrib- XWH DSSUR[LPDWHO\ & ELOOLRQ WR ZRUNHUV DQG EXVLQHVVHV DFURVV Canada during its lifecycle, according to Eldem. With support of the Quebec government, Champion Iron has ac- TXLUHG&OLIInV1DWXUDO5HVRXUFHVn%ORRP/DNH iron mine with associated infrastructure un- GHU WKH &RPSDQLHVn &UHGLWRUV $UUDQJHPHQW $FW o3URMHFWV WKDW PLQH EXON FRPPRGLWLHV are first and foremost infrastructure projects, and having access to good rail and port infra- VWUXFWXUHLVFULWLFDOpVWDWHG(OGHP :KLOHWKHJHQHUDOPDUNHWPD\QRW\HWEH IXOO\ DZDUH RI WKH GLIIHUHQW PDUNHWV IRU WKH varying grades of iron ore, the mining invest- PHQWFRPPXQLW\KDVWDNHQQRWHH[HPSOLILHG by Altius Minerals becoming a shareholder in &KDPSLRQ ,URQ DQG LQYHVWLQJ & PLOOLRQ in a convertible debenture to help restart the %ORRP/DNHPLQH&KDG:HOOV$OWLXV0LQHU- DOVn93H[SODLQHGWKHLQYHVWPHQWo&KDPSLRQ,URQLVJRLQJWRSOD\D significant role in the bifurcation story of iron ore, as they are produc- LQJDVLJQLILFDQWO\KLJKJUDGHZLWKORZLPSXULWLHVpKHVDLG 7DWD6WHHO0LQHUDOV&DQDGD760&LVWKH0RQWUÃDOEDVHGPLQLQJ DUPRIWKH7DWD6WHHO*URXSRQHRIWKHZRUOGnVODUJHVWVWHHOSURGXF- HUVZLWKRYHUHPSOR\HHVJOREDOO\760&LVGHYHORSLQJLURQ RUHGHSRVLWVLQ4XÃEHFDQG1HZIRXQGODQG /DEUDGRUDQGVWDUWHG with a small, direct shipping ore (DSO) operation from a section of its deposit that could be extracted directly from the ground, crushed, and screened. The sinter fines and pellet fines are then shipped to FXVWRPHUV 3. *KRVH 760&nV &(2 DQG 0' FRPPHQWHG RQ KRZ their product has been widely accepted across both Europe and Chi- QDo2YHUWKHODVWWKUHH\HDUVZHKDYHH[WUDFWHGWRPLOOLRQPW ZLWKWKHPDMRULW\VKLSSHGWR&KLQDDQGODWHU7DWD6WHHOnV(XURSHDQ VWHHOPDNLQJIDFLOLWLHVp ,Q760&VLJQHGDPHPRUDQGXPRIXQGHUVWDQGLQJZLWK6R- FLÃWÃGX3ODQ1RUGDQG4XÃEHF,URQ2UHIRUWKHGHYHORSPHQWDQGHQ- KDQFHPHQWRIWKHLQIUDVWUXFWXUHIDFLOLWLHVDW3RLQWH1RLUHLQ6HSW¨OHV YLDWKHOLPLWHGSDUWQHUVKLS6RFLÃWÃ)HUURYLDLUHHW3RUWXDLUHGH3RLQWH Noire (SFPPN). The collaboration will facilitate the development of the Pointe Noire infrastructure to match the anticipated ore delivery QHHGVRILWVSDUWQHUV2QHRI760&nVSDUWQHUVLV1HZ0LOOHQLXP,URQ 10/ZKLFKFRPSOHWHGDSUHIHDVLELOLW\VWXG\LQIRULWV7DFR- nite project, NuTac. Dean Journeaux, director of NML, provided de- WDLOVRIWKHJUDGHDW7DFRQLWHo,WVFRQFHQWUDWHJUDGHLV)HZLWK very low alumina and other deleterious elements, which commands DSUHPLXPLQWKHPDUNHWpKHVDLG Juniors restructure to focus on base metal exploration $IWHUVHOOLQJLWVJROGDVVHWVLQQRUWKHUQ4XÃEHFWRWKHQHZO\IRUPHG 4XÃEHF3UHFLRXV0HWDOV&RUSRUDWLRQ4306SKLQ[5HVRXUFHVFKRVH WR IRFXV RQ ]LQF LQ VRXWKZHVWHUQ 4XÃEHF ,WV &DOXPHW6XG GLVFRY- ery in the Pontiac regional county municipality, in collaboration with 6248(0 KDV H[WHQVLYH ]LQF PLQHUDOL]DWLRQ RQ WKH VXUIDFH RI WKH JURXQGDQGURFNDFFRUGLQJWRGLUHFWRU1RUPDQG&KDPSLJQ\ 1RUPDQGDOVRGLYXOJHG6SKLQ[nUHODWLRQVKLSZLWK2VLVNRWRH[SORUH for zinc in the Grenville geological province, characterized by the pres- ence of zinc-rich dolomitic marble. Champigny compared the geology Kiril Mugerman, CEO, Kintavar.

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