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Page 60 of 83 E&MJ tMAY 2019 59 MINING IN QUEBEC in the region to that of Australia, where half WKHZRUOGnV]LQFKDVEHHQSURGXFHGDQGH[- SODLQHG LWV EHQHILWV o2QH DGYDQWDJH RI WKLV URFNLVWKDWLWLVEDVLFPHDQLQJWKDWWKHUHLV no acid mine-drainage. Additionally, it is soft and can be used to sell non-zinc material as DIHUWLOL]HUp Another base metal-focused company ZRUNLQJ LQ WKH *UHQYLOOH JHRORJLFDO SURYLQFH LV .LQWDYDU HVWDEOLVKHG LQ 0DUFK DV SDUWRIDWUDQVDFWLRQEHWZHHQ*ÃR0ÃJD5H- sources and a private company, and financed WRWKHWXQHRI&PLOOLRQ.LQWDYDUnV0LWFKL property is a stratiform copper-type deposit (SSC), with mineralization from-surface, which means it can be mined as an open pit and is thus more cost-effective. Kiril Muger- PDQ .LQWDYDUnV &(2 UHYHDOHG WKDW UHVXOWV IURPWUHQFKLQJDFWLYLWLHVLQGLGQRWILW LQWR D WUDGLWLRQDO VNDUQ PRGHO DQG VKDUHG similar characteristics to sedimentary depos- its from the DRC. Despite a decrease in the FRSSHUSULFHLQGXHLQSDUWWRWKHWDULII ZDUEHWZHHQWKH86DQG&KLQD0XJHUPDQ sees strong fundamentals for copper moving IRUZDUGo,WLVQRZDJRRGWLPHIRULQYHVWRUV WR ORRN DW WKH FRSSHU PDUNHW 7KH PDFUR picture suggests that the price will increase significantly, as major copper discoveries are UDUHEXWGHPDQGLVLQFUHDVLQJpKHDGYLVHG Galway Metals is one of two spin-off companies from the sale of Galway Re- VRXUFHV IRU 86 PLOOLRQ LQ 'HFHPEHU ,Q DGGLWLRQ WR LWV JROGIRFXVHG &ODU- ence property, its Estrades property in the QRUWKHUQ $ELWLEL UHJLRQ RI ZHVWHUQ 4XÃEHF KDV ILYH PHWDOV r JROG VLOYHU ]LQF FRSSHU and lead. The overall metal content at Es- trades has risen by 32%, with reserves in- FUHDVLQJE\DFFRUGLQJWR/RXLV0RULQ CEO of Galway Metals, who elaborated on WKH IHDWXUHV RI WKH UHVRXUFH o&URVVLQJ WKH Estrades property are two under-explored rhyolite units in which volcanogenic mas- sive sulfide ore deposits are found, usually LQFOXVWHUVpKHVDLG Innovative Solutions No longer an afterthought, but a necessity Volatile commodity prices and a seven-year GRZQWXUQIRUFHGWKHPLQLQJLQGXVWU\WRWKLQN outside the box to maintain competitive cost structures, optimize processes and enhance security. Traditional methods become obso- lete when they no longer guarantee profit, and the necessity to embrace change has fostered a robust, innovative ecosystem of small and medium-sized enterprises, multi- nationals and research organizations creat- ing and developing technologies that are al- ready transforming global mining operations. 4XÃEHFLVDWWKHIRUHIURQWRIWKLVFKDUJHIURP its world-renowned artificial intelligence (AI)- UHVHDUFKKXELQ0RQWUÃDOWRDPDWXUHVHUYLFH VHFWRU LQ 9DOGn2U WKDW FRQVWDQWO\ DGDSWV WR WKH HYROYLQJ PDUNHW &DSLWDO GHYHORSPHQW IXQG )RQGV GH 6ROLGDULWÃ )74 LGHQWLILHG ODERUDVRQHRIWKHELJULVNVIDFLQJWKHPLQ- LQJ VHFWRU LQ o/DERU DQG UHWHQWLRQ LV DULVNWKLV\HDUDQGZLOOEHDELJFKDOOHQJHLQ WKH IXWXUH :H QHHG WR PDNH VXUH WKDW RXU mines are at the top of the technology. We also need more collaboration between busi- QHVVHVVKDUHH[SHULHQFHVDQGQHWZRUNpUH- IOHFWHG)74nV93'DQ\3HOOHWLHU Spearheading the development of mining LQQRYDWLRQ LQ 4XÃEHF LV &25(0 WKH ODUJ- est organization in Canada solely devoted to mineral processing R&D, with six fields RI H[SHUWLVH r FRPPLQXWLRQ SK\VLFDO VHSD- UDWLRQ IORWDWLRQ H[WUDFWLYH PHWDOOXUJ\ K\- GURPHWDOOXUJ\ SHOOHWL]LQJWKHUPDO SURFHVVHV DQGPLQHUDORJ\%DVHGLQ4XÃEHF&LW\&2- 5(0nVIDFLOLWLHVLQFOXGHVTXDUHPRI offices, labs and pilot plants. A C$16-million project to build a new hydrometallurgy plat- form, install new equipment and modernize &25(0nV EXLOGLQJV LV GXH WR EH FRPSOHWHG E\WKHVXPPHURI :KHQ DVNHG DERXW WKH FKDOOHQJHV WKDW WKH LQGXVWU\ PXVW DGGUHVV &25(0nV SUHVL- dent and CEO Francis Fournier highlighted energy consumption, water use, tailings and environmental issues, and suggested that a value chain-approach is required to maxi- PL]H WKH EHQHILWV RI LQQRYDWLRQ o7KH ZRUN done in extraction has an impact on mineral Tayfun Eldem, president and CEO , Alderon Iron Ore.

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