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MAY 2019

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60 E&MJ tMAY 2019 MINING IN QUEBEC processing as well as on tailings and environ- ment. We cannot continue to develop inno- YDWLRQZLWKDVLORDSSURDFKpKHUHVSRQGHG This sentiment was echoed by Gianni %DUWRODFFL GLUHFWRU DW &25(0 o7KH LQQR- vation ecosystem in Canada is fragmented DQGQHHGVWRZRUNWRJHWKHUDQGFROODERUDWH LQ RUGHU WR IDVWWUDFN WKH GHSOR\PHQW RI WKH innovation that will bring more value to the LQGXVWU\p The tools and software defining the march towards the digital mine ,Q 0RQWUÃDOEDVHG 1HZWUD[ 7HFK- QRORJLHV GHFLGHG WR IRFXV RI LWV DW- tention on the digitalization of underground metal mines, with the vision of becoming the global leader in wireless Internet of Things (IoT) and the preferred source of big data for AI, according to Alex- DQGUH&HUYLQND1HZWUD[nSUHVLGHQWDQG&(27RSURGXFHWKLVELJ data, Newtrax designs, builds and globally deploys purpose-built devices to monitor machines, people and the underground environ- ment in which they operate. In the last three years, Newtrax has XQGHUJRQH GUDPDWLF JURZWK IURP HPSOR\HHV LQ WR WRGD\ 1HZWUD[n VROXWLRQV KHOS FRPSDQLHV UHGXFH RYHUKHDG FRVWV DQG HQKDQFH VDIHW\ 2QH H[DPSOH LV $JQLFR (DJOHnV *ROGH[ PLQH which reported significant cost reductions on its tire expenditure and fuel consumption by implementing the Newtrax MET (Mobile (TXLSPHQW7HOHPHWU\V\VWHP$QRWKHUPDMRUWRKDYHZRUNHGZLWK 1HZWUD[ LV *ROGFRUS DW LWV £OÃRQRUH PLQH $IWHU EHLQJ UHFRJQL]HG DVWKHVDIHVWPLQHLQ&DQDGDLQ*ROGFRUSPDQGDWHGWKDWLWV ZRUNHUVZHDUIXOO\LQWHJUDWHG1HZWUD[ Enabled Personal Safety Devices. (ODERUDWLQJRQ1HZWUD[nSDUWQHUVKLSZLWK the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO), ZKRVH VFLHQWLILF GLUHFWRU

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