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MAY 2019

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Page 62 of 83 E&MJ tMAY 2019 61 MINING IN QUEBEC over the region and identified high-quality XQGHUH[SORUHGWDUJHWV)ROORZXSILHOGZRUN TXLFNO\YDOLGDWHGWKRVHWDUJHWVZLWKWKHGLV- covery of significant mineralized zones on WKH0XQLVFKLZDQ3LNZD3RQWRLVDQG*DOL- QÃHSURSHUWLHVo,QFRQWUDVWWR$,$]LPXWnV method (AZtechMine) is a purely data- GULYHQ DSSURDFKp VDLG SUHVLGHQW DQG &(2 -HDQ0DUF/XOLQo:HGHVFULEHLWDVDZKLWH box expert system. We consistently develop, test and operate it by incorporating scien- WLILF DQG RSHUDWLRQDO NQRZOHGJH 0RUH LP- portantly, it is not just about predictions; it KDVEHHQFOHDUO\EDFNHGXSZLWKVLJQLILFDQW PLQHUDO GLVFRYHULHV 7KLV GXDO DSSURDFK r advanced data processing and solid opera- WLRQDOFDSDELOLWLHVrFRQVWLWXWHVRXUGLVWLQFWLYHH[SORUDWLRQHGJHp Weighing in on the dominating demand from major players, Alain Carrier, co-founder of mining consultant company InnovExplo, stat- HG o7KH GLIILFXOW\ ZKLFK MXQLRU FRPSDQLHV DUH FXUUHQWO\ H[SHULHQF- ing is definitely reflected in our client base. Today, one third of our client base are established producers such as IAMGOLD, Goldcorp, and Glencore. The junior companies that we are currently offering services to are companies that are already at advanced exploration VWDJHVRUSUHIHDVLELOLW\VWDJHVDQGWKH\VWLOOKDYHVRPHILQDQFLQJp 7KHH[SORUDWLRQVHFWRULVDOVRPRYLQJDZD\IURPWKHSLFNDQG shovel approach by adopting more efficient ways of gathering data. French drone manufacturer Drone Volt is developing designs specif- LFDOO\DLPHGDWPLQLQJRSHUDWLRQVo:HKDYHUHDOL]HGWKDWWKHGURQH industry can offer more to the mining industry than what we are of- IHULQJQRZpVDLG&(20DUWLQ/DSRUWHo([SHUWLVHDQGWHFKQRORJLHV within the two industries can be merged to develop systems which can provide opti- mized results in specific applications. Over the last few years, Drone Volt has been de- YHORSLQJVROXWLRQVOLNH7KHGHUGGURQHYHUWL- FDO WDNHRII DQG ODQGLQJ GURQH FDOO 972/ and autonomous charging systems for in- duction charging. The idea is that the drone FDQ ODQG RQ D GRFNLQJ VWDWLRQ DQG FKDUJH LWVHOIZLWKRXWDQ\KXPDQLQYROYHPHQWp 4XÃEHF LV KRPH WR QXPHURXV RWKHU )UHQFKWHFKQRORJ\FRPSDQLHVORRNLQJIRUD 1RUWK$PHULFDQEDVHrDQDWXUDOILWGXHWR language, proximity to Europe, and culture. CORALIS, specialists in production plan- ning and monitoring software for the min- LQJ LQGXVWU\ KDV EHHQ RSHUDWLQJ LQ )UDQFH IRU \HDUV DQG KDV UHVSRQGHGWRLQFUHDVLQJGHPDQGIURPWKH1RUWK$PHULFDQPDUNHW E\UHFHQWO\RSHQLQJD0RQWUÃDORIILFH*X\'RQDWLQLFRIRXQGHUDQG SUHVLGHQWLVFRXQWLQJRQ&25$/,6nQHZO\GHYHORSHGFORXGVRIWZDUH WRERRVWEXVLQHVVGHYHORSPHQWo7KLVWHFKQRORJ\RIIHUVRXUFXVWRP- ers better access to our software and their data, and an even more HIILFLHQW WHFKQLFDO FXVWRPHU VHUYLFHeZLWK LWV PRQWKO\ SD\PHQWV WKHPLQHUnVFDVKIORZLVLPSURYHGp Security: the evolving threats that must be addressed As software continues to evolve and operations become increas- ingly reliant on technology, the issue of cybersecurity has become PRUHYLWDOSDUWLFXODUO\IRUKHDY\LQGXVWULHVWKDWKDYHKLJKULVNGDWD WKDWDIIHFWVJOREDOPDUNHWVDQGWKRXVDQGVRISHRSOH+RZHYHUWKH Claude Sarrazin, president and CEO, SIRCO.

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