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62 E&MJ tMAY 2019 MINING IN QUEBEC mining industry is still far behind when it comes to cybersecurity, according to Claude Sarrazin, president and CEO of SIRCO, the 0RQWUÃDOEDVHG SULYDWH LQYHVWLJDWLRQ ILUP offering undercover services, computer fo- rensics, and cybersecurity. In a staggering RIFDVHV6,5&2LVDEOHWREUHDNLQWR LWV FOLHQWVn V\VWHPV ZKHQ SHUIRUPLQJ SHQ- etration testing, which illustrates the perti- nent need to tighten security. 3DWULFN 9HQD GDPDJH LQVXUDQFH EURNHU and VP at BFL Canada weighs in on the LVVXH o7KH XVH RI WHFKQRORJ\ KDV SURJUHV- sively increased across all stages of mining operations, which has presented the sector ZLWKDZLGHUDQJHRIQHZH[SRVXUHVp Vena identifies the following primary concerns: loss of data or loss of access to data (financial, mining rights, etc.); disrup- tion to supply chain; loss of communica- tions; and loss of access to control systems and critical monitoring systems. Security threats have been present long before the digital era, and SIRCO has con- ducted 21 training sessions related to nar- cotics over the last three months for com- panies in the mining sector alone, as more frequent testing for cannabis has seen posi- tive results for other drugs such as meth- DPSKHWDPLQH DQG FRFDLQH ,Q 6,5&2nV years of experience, it has identified that DURXQG RI HPSOR\HHV DUH SUREOHP- DWLF r GHOLEHUDWHO\ EUHDNLQJ RU YDQGDOL]LQJ equipment, stealing company resources or EHQHILWWLQJIURPFRUUXSWLRQo7KLVUHS- UHVHQWVPRVWRIDFRPSDQ\nVOHJDOIHHVDQG insurance costs and can have a huge effect on profit margin and even the culture within DQRUJDQL]DWLRQpVDLG6DUUD]LQo6HFXULW\LV- sues, whether internal or external, do not JR DZD\

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