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MAY 2019

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Page 64 of 83 E&MJ tMAY 2019 63 MINING IN QUEBEC Services Engineering and consulting While the innovations dragging the mining industry into the twenty-first century come from companies of all sizes, the movers and VKDNHUV LQ WKH HQJLQHHULQJ DQG FRQVXOWLQJ VSDFH LQ 4XÃEHF KDYH D GHFLGHGO\ LQWHUQD- tional footprint. As service companies in the mining in- dustry go, few have a global reach that com- SDUHVZLWK6*6ZLWKRILWV employees dedicated to the minerals sector, RIILFHV DQG ODERUDWRULHV DURXQG WKH ZRUOGDQGRSHUDWLRQVLQORFDWLRQVDFURVV &DQDGD6*6nQHZHVWVDPSOHSUHSDUDWLRQID- FLOLW\RSHQHGLQ9DOGn2ULQ-XO\DQGLV being used as a base for its geological con- sulting services, an area that SGS intends to H[SDQGLQDFFRUGLQJWR'DQLHO/HURX[ JOREDO EXVLQHVV PDQDJHU IURP 6*6n %ODLQ- YLOOHRIILFHLQ4XÃEHF SGS plans to launch a new service within LWV JHRFKHP EXVLQHVV OLQH E\ 0DUFK ZKLFK ZLOO LQFOXGH RQVLWH TXLFNWHVWLQJ FD- pabilities, providing rapid information feed- EDFN WR JHRORJLVWV VR WKDW WKH\ FDQ PDNH TXLFNHUGHFLVLRQV/DZUHQFH1J6*6n93RI minerals, highlighted the mini flotation pilot plant capabilities that SGS is adding to its H[LVWLQJ SLORW SODQWWHVWLQJ H[SHUWLVH o0LQL flotation pilot plants deliver the same qual- ity of engineering data as a large-scale pi- lot plant but only require a fraction of the sample volume typically required, saving VXEVWDQWLDOSURJUDPFRVWVpKHVWDWHG A theme of consolidation became appar- ent in the engineering, procurement and con- struction management (EPCM) space during WKH GRZQWXUQ DV FRPSDQLHV ORRNHG WR H[- Fednav Polar Class vessel in the Canadian Arctic. Photo courtesy of Fednav. pand their service offerings through M&A DFWLYLW\ 2QH VXFK FDVH ZDV '5$ *OREDOnV DFTXLVLWLRQ RI 0RQWUÃDOEDVHG HQJLQHHULQJ ILUP 0HW&KHP LQ ERRVWLQJ '5$nV lithium and graphite capabilities and adding a mineral resource and geology group to its portfolio. Daniel Gagnon, senior VP of min- ing, geology and Met-Chem operations at DRA Global, had been with Met-Chem for 19 years before the acquisition. He commented of the efficiency of the transition, due in part to a shared, hands-on philosophy and focus on innovation. '5$ 0HW&KHP LV ZRUNLQJ ZLWK 1RXYHDX Monde Graphite on its Saint Michel-des-Saints SURMHFW r WKH ILUVWHYHU DOOHOHFWULF RSHQSLW PLQH *DJQRQ UHFRXQWHG 0HW&KHPnV HDUO\ VWDJHLQYROYHPHQWDVSDUWRI1RXYHDX0RQGHnV WDVNIRUFHFRPPLWWHHo:HGLVFRYHUHGWKDWDOO the required technology and machinery existed and had been utilized in various other proj- ects, but had not yet been brought together for RQH RSHUDWLRQp 7KH 6DLQW0LFKHOGHV6DLQWV graphite project, an important milestone for the global mining industry, is due to enter into SURGXFWLRQLQ Stantec, the Canadian engineering and en- YLURQPHQWDO VHUYLFHV FRPSDQ\ ZLWK HPSOR\HHV JOREDOO\ KDV JURZQ LWV 4XÃEHF operations through two acquisitions in recent years, the first being the acquisition of Des- Daniel Leroux, global business manager, SGS.

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