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MAY 2019

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64 E&MJ tMAY 2019 MINING IN QUEBEC HQW 0LFKDHO *LJQDF 93 DW 0RQWUÃDOEDVHG consultancy firm G Mining Services, points to the importance of ensuring all information is shared and that resources are used effi- FLHQWO\ DW DQ HDUO\ VWDJH RI WKH SURMHFW o* Mining provides resources to cover certain aspects of a project, and the client provides various complementary resources to reach PXWXDOO\EHQHILFLDOREMHFWLYHVp*LJQDFVDLG o2XUDSSURDFKUHSODFHVWKHFRPPRQ(3&0 contract, which is a complicated legal agree- ment between project owner and contrac- tors involving higher costs, duplication of resources in various departments and addi- WLRQDOFRQWUDFWVp Equipment providers As investors become increasingly surgical with their placements and technological in- novation has transformed into an integral part of the sector, pressure on mining com- SDQLHVLVVWHDGLO\ULVLQJrDQGWKHUHE\FRP- panies along the value chain. Cost efficiency and productivity are decisive success factors, and service providers are expected to provide VDXnV HQJLQHHULQJ DVVHWV LQ IROORZHG E\ 6DJXHQD\EDVHG &HJHUWHF LQ .LUN 0RUULVRQ6WDQWHFnVH[HFXWLYH93WRXFKHGRQ the benefits of having expertise and experi- HQFH LQ D ZLGH UDQJH RI VHFWRUV o6WDQWHF LV ZHOO SODFHG WR WDNH DGYDQWDJH RI WKH FURVV pollination that is starting to happen between WKHSRZHUDQGPLQLQJLQGXVWULHVpKHVWDWHG 7KH 0RQWUÃDO DUP RI $XVWUDOLDQ PXOWLQD- tional EPCM company Ausenco is moving WR D QHZ RIILFH LQ WR DFFRPPRGDWH JURZWK LQ WKH UHJLRQ $XVHQFRnV SURMHFW GH- OLYHU\WHDPLQ0RQWUÃDOSURYLGHVFRQFHSWXDO studies for clients such as Atlantic Gold at its Moose River Consolidated Gold project, an RSHQSLW JROG PLQH ORFDWHG NP QRUWK- HDVW RI +DOLID[ 1RYD 6FRWLD 0DULH$QGUÃH Morin, VP minerals and metals at Ausenco Canada, detailed the scope of the EPC con- tract that included the delivery of a 2-million PW\ FDUERQLQOHDFK JROGSURFHVVLQJ SODQW DQG DVVRFLDWHG LQIUDVWUXFWXUH o:RUNLQJ XQ- der a very tight schedule, we delivered the ILUVWJROGSRXURQVFKHGXOHLQ2FWREHU PRQWKVDIWHUPRELOL]DWLRQpVKHVDLG Another engineering firm with Australian roots is Primero, which opened its North $PHULFDQKHDGTXDUWHUVLQ0RQWUÃDOLQ Having developed a strong relationship with *DOD[\5HVRXUFHVE\ZRUNLQJRQLWV0W&DW- tlin lithium mine in Western Australia, Prim- HUR ZDV LQYLWHG WR ZRUN RQ *DOD[\nV -DPHV %D\SURMHFWLQQRUWKHUQ4XÃEHFDQGGHFLGHG it was an opportune moment to establish a North American base. Jacques Parent, general manager of Primero Americas, has witnessed the company grow from two em- ployees to 22 in little over a year and hopes WR WULSOH WKRVH ILJXUHV E\ WKH HQG RI :KHQ DVNHG WR GHILQH 3ULPHURnV EXVLQHVV PRGHO3DUHQWUHVSRQGHGo:HZRUNIURPWKH standpoint of a partnership and prefer a client and engineer-constructor relationship, rather WKDQDSXUHO\ILQDQFLDOFRQWUDFWLQJHQGHDYRUp Mining and engineering group Cementa- tion, which also has a presence in Austra- lia as well as the Americas and Africa, has ZRUNHGZLWKSOD\HUVOLNH)DOFRQEULGJH;VWUD- ta and Glencore and puts emphasis on the need for engineering to be more integrated LQWR FRQVWUXFWLRQ o*HWWLQJ LQYROYHG LQ SUH feasibility, feasibility and peer review of the RZQHUnV SODQV LV LPSRUWDQW WR JHW DQ XQEL- ased view of the budgets and schedule and a review by an experienced, reputable com- SDQ\pVDLG5R\6ODFNGLUHFWRUDW&HPHQWD- tion Americas. ,QDIWHUKDYLQJZRUNHGRQWKHSURM- HFW IRU \HDUV WKURXJK GLIIHUHQW GHVLJQV Cementation America was awarded the de- sign and construction of the new internal un- derground shaft for the Onaping Depth proj- HFWDW&UDLJPLQHZKLFKLVSDUWRI*OHQFRUHnV 6XGEXU\LQWHJUDWHGQLFNHORSHUDWLRQV Commenting on the importance of a syn- ergic relationship between company and cli- 0DULH$QGUÃH0RULQ93PLQHUDOVDQGPHWDOV Ausenco. 5R\6ODFNGLUHFWRUDW&HPHQWDWLRQ$PHULFDV

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