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MAY 2019 • E&MJ 69 OPERATING STRATEGIES machinery to remove the casing from the borehole so it could be cleaned. Then, we would have had to reassemble the casing and put it all back together." This process would have taken approximately two weeks, during which, plant produc- tion would have been interrupted. "The value of the casing alone would be in the order of A$100,000 (US$72,230)," Seale said. And while that expense might have been recovered if the casing had been deemed salvage- able when it was brought to surface, there would have been no way to avoid removal and replacement costs. "The cost to extract and reinstall the casing would be $70-$80,000 ($US50,900-$58,200), not to mention the cost of the replacement casing and the work involved in moving and reconstruct- ing the plant above the borehole," he said. In Seale's estimation, if the hole had been completely blocked, the entire ex- ercise would have been in the order of A$200,000 (US$145,500). "Because we were able to recover the situation by dumping at the diverter valve on these occasions, we are in front by more than $1 million," he said. Transportable Tanker Vacuums Up Solids-laden Slurries One recent example of basic machinery designed to help with underground-mine slurry and sludge handling is Brain Indus- tries' new 6-m 3 -capacity self-fi lling tank- er, which it describes as a transportable, intrinsically safe, compressed air-pow- ered unit for vacuum recovery, haulage and dumping of solids-laden slurries and sludges containing lumps up to 150 mm in size. The advertised loading rate is up to 1,200 l/min, vertical suction lift of up 30 m, and horizontal suction run of more than 100 m. According to the company, headquar- tered in New South Wales, Australia, the tanker is well-suited to applications in underground coal and hard rock mining, tunneling and contract cleaning services. Available with MPV attachments, trail- er mounted, or with forklift sockets for loading on to a fl atbed trailer or truck, the unit's integrated compressed air-op- erated jet pump is available in 300-, 600- or 900-cfm capacities with vacuum capability of up to 27 in. Hg. Because there are no moving parts in contact with the material, continuous loading of large lump-solid inclusions, waxy, fi brous and abrasive materials is possible without detriment to the pump. Loading stops automatically at a set level when handling wet materials, and excess water can be drained from the tailgate valves to allow topping-up of loads. Slurries and fl owable sludges can be emptied from the tailgate hatch. A full-size side-opening rear door and fl ush- ing attachment are provided for effi cient clean out. The tank's interior and exterior are epoxy coated. Trash Pump With the Latest Tech Tsurumi Pump has introduced a new pump to its HS series: The HSE2.4S, which, according to the company, fea- tures improved technology used in other Tsurumi series. In common with all HS series pumps, the HSE2.4S has a built-in shaft-mount- ed agitator that suspends solids, a ure- thane semi-vortex impeller for durability and pump performance, and a dual-me- chanical seal with SiC faces for long op- erational life. The pumps also include a patented oil lifter that provides lubrica- tion of the seal faces and a v-ring seal design that protects the mechanical seal from abrasive and damaging particles. The pump is built for automatic op- eration and features an automatic water sensor, which detects water to start the pump operation even when foreign ma- terials are present. When the water level falls below the sensor, the pump con- tinues to run for one minute then shuts off automatically. According to Tsurumi, the new pump was tested at job sites and completed more than 30,000 on-off cycles on av- erage without failure or damage. The HSE2.4S is designed to pump water con- taining sand, solids, and debris with min- imal wear and clogging. Brain Industries' portable, self-fi lling vacuum tanker can load, transport and discharge sludges and fl uids containing lumps up to 150 mm. The HSE2.4S, a new, durable trash pump rated at 1/2 hp with a 2-in. discharge, is equipped with an automatic water level sensor. It is designed to pump water containing sand, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging.

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