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72 E&MJ • MAY 2019 PROCESSING SOLUTIONS ABB has introduced its Ability Stock- yard Management System, the latest addition to a portfolio of digitally en- abled industry solutions, products and services. According to the company, the Stockyard Management System enables fully integrated collaborative operation by connecting all available information and process data to optimize stockyards and bulk material-handling terminals and stockyards. Designed to provide sophisticated material tracking and quality manage- ment, the system is claimed to increase the effi ciency of stockyards by con- necting consecutive steps in complete materials transportation chains. ABB said it enables seamless integration in production planning, providing re- al-time information on handled materi- al, and supports the management of one or multiple inputs and outputs of differ- ent material qualities, storage, mixing and blending. It is a confi gurable system that can be used to digitalize the complete ma- terial handling chain. The material fl ow can be modeled across all belt conveyors and transportation equipment with ma- terial properties and quality information via automated data interfaces. Franz Rietschel, global product man- ager, said, "Just in time or even just in sequence is long-established in the au- tomotive industry. Now these techniques are available for bulk material handling logistics, too." The system's major features include: • A calculated stacking model built up according to the tracked material and acting as a digital twin of the stockyard. This provides the operator with an inven- tory overview at any time, without the need of an extra survey. All data can be used for operational optimization, such as effi cient space utilization in a yard, better planning and scheduling, or more accurate mixing and blending processes. • Control and prediction of the material fl ow in various lines with material fore- cast, tracking and production history. • The ability to coordinate all excavators in the mine or yard machines in the plant at the right position with the right timing to realize a proactive production control, which enables online mixing material according to tracking, forecast- ing and online quality control. • Laser scanners or drones, which can provide additional surface information regarding their environments enable a nearly real-time update of the pile sur- face even after material movements due to environmental infl uences or due to the use of mobile machines. • A "slice view" feature, which allows operators a look at the inside of a pile to check the material mix and quality, determine its arrival time or changing material properties when more accurate information is available. • Modeling for intra-supply-chain qual- ity optimization, allowing operation staff to view tonnage and grade by digging position and belt-scale values according to geological model and online analy- zers, which provide information on the various material properties. • Automated interfaces to different sys- tems provide a seamless workfl ow from ERP to control system for mine, plant and stockyard operations. An integra- tion of PIMS, MES, production, main- tenance and downtime planning or labo- ratory management systems combines all available information for analytics. ABB said the system employs sophis- ticated data collection and confi guration management to interface with and vari- ous IT and OT applications and systems, such as connectivity to IT and ERP sys- tems through Web services, TCP/IP sock- et communication or direct database ac- cess; and data interfaces OT automation systems through OPC — and if OPC is not supported, through low level data inter- faces based on data wrappers. Pump Swap Gives Threefold Wear Life Increase to Copper Mine Weir Minerals recently reported that one of its customers, a copper mine in Chile, had six standard 24-in., two-stage, 900- hp vertical turbine pump (VTP) units installed on intake structures in a pro- cess water application in their reclaimed pond system. As the concentrator plant's tonnage increased, the water began car- rying a high concentration of solids on its way to the pond, resulting in pre- mature damage to the pump units and a shortened life of roughly 300 hours. The pump failures were also causing Stockyard Management System Brings It All Together ABB's Ability Stockyard Management System includes a 'slice view' feature, which gives operators a look at the inside of a pile to check its material mix and quality.

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