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JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 9 COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Metso is a world leading industrial company serving the mining, aggre- gates, recycling, oil, gas, pulp, paper and process industries. We help our customers improve their operational HI¿FLHQF\UHGXFHULVNVDQGLQFUHDVH SUR¿WDELOLW\E\XVLQJRXUXQLTXH NQRZOHGJHH[SHULHQFHGSHRSOHDQG LQQRYDWLYHVROXWLRQVWREXLOGQHZVXV- WDLQDEOHZD\VRIJURZLQJWRJHWKHU Our products range from mining and DJJUHJDWHVSURFHVVLQJHTXLSPHQW and systems, to industrial valves and controls. Our customers are support- HGE\DEURDGVFRSHRIVHUYLFHVDQG DJOREDOQHWZRUNRIPRUHWKDQ VHUYLFHFHQWHUVDQGVHUYLFHV professionals. Metso has an uncom- promising attitude towards safety. Services for the mining industry Metso is your local partner for any service solution, including spare and ZHDUSDUWVUHSODFHPHQW¿HOGVHUYLFHV preventive maintenance, advanced performance materials, automation VROXWLRQVSODQWGLDJQRVWLFVHTXLSPHQW UHIXUELVKPHQWDQGDEURDGUDQJHRI training options. We also offer engi- QHHUHGWRRUGHUHTXLSPHQWDQGFXVWRP UHEXLOGVDQGUHWUR¿WV:HFDQKHOS\RX DFKLHYH\RXUEXVLQHVVJRDOVDQGJHW the most out of your resources through RXUSHRSOHRXUH[WHQVLYHLQGXVWU\ NQRZOHGJHDQGRXUWDLORUHGVROXWLRQV Process integration and optimization 0HWVRH[SHUWVDUHGHGLFDWHGWRLP- proving the performance of your entire operation – from mine to plant. Metso's process integration and optimization solution helps you integrate and opti- mize your entire operation. The result LVDPRUHHI¿FLHQWSURFHVVWKDWGHOLYHUV increased production and reduced cost SHUWRQ:HDFKLHYHWKLVJRDOE\RSWL- PL]LQJHDFKSURFHVVZLWKLQWKHFRQWH[W of the whole operation to develop inte- grated operating and control strategies from the mine to the plant. Life Cycle Services Metso's Life Cycle Services (LCS) solution is designed to assist you PHHW\RXUEXVLQHVVJRDOV:HFDQ VXSSRUW\RXRQDVSHFL¿FDFWLYLW\RU over a larger scope of your mining SURFHVV:HXVHLQGHSWKHTXLSPHQW NQRZOHGJHOHYHUDJHGIURPRXU2(0 H[SHUWLVHV\VWHPVGHVLJQHGIRU NQRZOHGJHWUDQVIHUZRUNSUDFWLFHV optimized over hundreds of cycles DQGH[SHULHQFHIURPVLPLODUVLWHVWR H[WUDFWYDOXH (FRHI¿FLHQWPLQLQJ The mining industry is facing a QXPEHURIFKDOOHQJHVLQWKHIXWXUHLQ- cluding the increasing cost of energy, tighter environmental regulations and water scarcity. To grow and remain SUR¿WDEOHPLQHVQHHGWRLPSURYH WKHLUUHVRXUFHHI¿FLHQF\±WRFUHDWH more value with less impact, and as DUHVXOWSURYLGHDEHWWHUHFRQRPLF UHWXUQ%\PDNLQJXVHRIH[LVWLQJDQG emerging technologies, we can help you develop a mining and processing ÀRZVKHHWIRU\RXUPLQHWKDWLVVLJQL¿- FDQWO\PRUHHFRHI¿FLHQWFRPSDUHG with current industry practice. We can help you evaluate options, and if UHTXLUHGDGDSWRUPRGLI\WHFKQRORJLHV and practices for your particular goals and mine. Health, safety and environment (HSE) :HJRDERYHDQGEH\RQGLQGXVWU\ standards and regulations to ensure WKDWZHFRQWULEXWHWRDVDIHDQG KHDOWK\ZRUNLQJHQYLURQPHQW1R matter where you are or what your needs, we are committed to the health and safety of your entire operation, the environment and the communities in which you operate. Metso Metso 3OHDVDQW9DOOH\5RDG

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