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JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 105 EQUIPMENT GALLERY These data are compared to entries in a mineral library on a fi rst match principle to identify the mineral phase automatically. The TIMA-X Field Emission Gun (FEG) offers high-resolution capability with fast acquisition detectors for quicker through- put and better detection of trace elements. Developed software applications allows for the determination of mineral concentra- tions, elemental distributions and miner- al textural properties such as grain size, liberation and locking parameters, associ- ation and exposure, mineral release, and predictive grade-recovery response. Canada will be the second installation of a TIMA-X into the network. The fi rst was in Chile and has been operational since 2018. Seequent Upgrades Mine Modelling Software Seequent launched new releases for its mining solutions Leapfrog Geo, resource modelling solution Leapfrog Edge, mod- el management solution Seequent Cen- tral and View. Leapfrog Geo 4.5 includes performance improvements designed to smooth day-to-day workfl ows for users, including informed uploading, simpli- fi ed editing and exporting, redesigned fi le structures and intuitive polar nets. Leapfrog Edge added the Variable Orien- tation tool, which locally reorientates the search and variogram, and features visu- al search ellipse validation, easy setup and updates. Seequent Central upgrad- ed the web interface and Central Data Room that brings all critical project data into one place, to allow teams to work together from a single source. The Cen- tral Data Room allows data from a variety of sources to be uploaded, downloaded and version controlled within the Central Portal. View's latest updates give teams, stakeholders and decision makers more time-saving ways to collaborate and inter- act with their data in a browser. Rugged Drones for Tight Spaces Flyability announced Elios 2, pitched as confi ned-space inspection aerial drones. Elios 2 features intuitive fl ight operation and unsurpassed data collection capabil- ities to safely and easily inspect danger- ous and confi ned spaces while delivering the actionable data needed to make crit- ical maintenance and certifi cation deci- sions, the company reported. The drones are designed to be collision tolerant. They leverage seven stability sensors that en- able GPS-free stabilization. Features include a 4K camera optimized for ren- dering images with a resolution of 0.18 mm-per-pixel at 30 cm, an "intelligent" dustproof lighting system that produces 10K Lumen and has an oblique lighting mode, and 3D modelling. www.fl Wireless Flow Rate Transmitter AW-Lake added the battery-powered RT- 50 Flow Rate Transmitter to its Bluetooth Series of Products that support remote monitoring and programming via a smart- phone. The transmitter offers a local and remote display of fl ow rates in locations where equipment is exposed to different elements. When operating locally, the transmitter offers a six-digit LCD display that continuously shows either the fl ow rate or total. When using Bluetooth con- nectivity, users can opt to view readings and adjust rate, total, reset, sleep mode, or time on a smart device. AW-Lake designed a mobile applica- tion that connects to the RT-50 so users can set up and troubleshoot units from a mobile device, the company reported. The mobile application also supports basic scaling and advanced functions, allowing for remote correction of non-linear fl ow meters to keep a linear analog output. Ball Valve Offers Upped Performance Val-Matic launched the QuadroSphere Ball Valve. Features include the unique abrasion-resistant ball design. Four re- cessed surfaces of the ball provide mul- tiple fl ow paths through the valve for self-fl ushing to prevent clogging by avoid- ing high scale and solids buildup while also protecting the seats from damage, the company reported. Special machining of the ball substantially reduces the ball- to-seat surface contact, creating less re-

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