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JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 107 EQUIPMENT GALLERY sistance during cycles, lowering the operating torque. Reduced seat engagement results in up to 70% less wear, improving the performance life of the ball and seats. Strictly Mechanical Safety Brake FLSmidth launched the Cage Guardian Safety Brake for steel guides. The brake uses mechanical systems to keep underground mine workers safe in the event of slack-rope or a rope-break event. It is built to withstand even the toughest underground mine environments and meet the most stringent regulations for safety catches, the company reported. The Cage Guardian Safety Brake is strictly mechanical, with no hydraulics, pneumatics or electricity. This helps ensure fail- safe operation, even on wet or contaminated guides. Actuation and operation is performed by redundant mechanical systems, only requiring a slack-rope or rope-break event to bring the cage to a safe stop, the company reported. With average deceleration rates of .9 gravities (g) to 2 g, the Cage Guardian Safety Brake has a lower jerk rate and provides smoother deceleration. The safety brake system also allows for easy retrieval of the cage after an event, FLSmidth reported. Unlike conventional safety dogs for wood guides, the Cage Guardian Safety Brake infl icts minimal damage to any cage or guide components. This results in faster redeployment of the cage. Every system is completely factory tested and calibrated for the mine-specifi c application. Each sys- tem is also free-fall tested and results are documented with a certifi ed test certifi - cate. Additionally, the design of the safety brake system enables easy ongoing main- tenance and regular testing. www.fl Automated Grease Application System Marland Clutch in- troduced the Back- stop Automatic Grease Lubrication System, which pro- vides protection from external con- tamination, the company reported. The system eliminates the need to manually grease labyrinth seals of the company's BCMA backstops. Those backstops can be in diffi cult-to-reach areas. The system provides regularly scheduled injections of grease into the seals, creating a fresh barrier that protects them from outside contaminants and extends seal life, the company report- ed. The system can be linked to the company's Smart Marland condition monitoring system. Electric Vehicle With Onboard Charging Safescape announced its prototype electric vehicle, the Borta- na EV, which is designed for the mining space. Leveraging the chassis of the diesel-powered Agrale Marruá, the Bortana EV features e-mobility solutions and electric technology from 3ME Technology. The battery has onboard charging capability, the company reported. Other features include a corrosion-resistant body for harsh environs. WORRIED ABOUT LONG DOWNTIME, OPERATING IN REMOTE LOCATIONS? SIKA SERVICES AG Tueenwies 16 CH-8048 Zurich Switzerland Phone +41 58 436 40 40 Sika conveyor belt repair and splicing products. No hot vulcanization needed!

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