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10 E&MJ • JUNE 2019 COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT With over 190 combined years of experi- ence, Whitmore ® and Jet-Lube ® are global leaders in providing innovative products and services that increase the reliability, performance and lifespan of industrial assets. We manufacture high-performance lubricants, anti-seizes, thread com- pounds, sealants, application equipment, lubrication management products, desic- cant breathers, cleaners and degreasers designed to meet the specific needs of each industry and application. Customers throughout the world rely on Whitmore and Jet-Lube to deliver the performance engineered solutions industry counts on. Our family of products and services are sold worldwide through a distribution net- work committed to technical support and total customer satisfaction. Headquarters is located in Rockwall, Texas, with a fully integrated manufacturing plant, leading-edge research and development center, training facility and corporate offices. Additional service offices are in the United Kingdom and Canada. We understand the mining industry and its challenges; your valuable equipment is expected to effectively perform in the harshest environments and conditions, our proven products are specially formulated to succeed and exceed these expectations. Director of Sales, Bret Jenkins declares, "The company has done an outstanding job of staying out in front of competitors with new products that are high-performance. Our products have been extending the lives of its clients' equipment for decades. We have customers that after 40 years are still using the same gears. Today, we serve a broad base of clients, we're a very well- known, established brand." Within the Mining Industry, Whitmore specializes in extreme pressure greas- es, open and enclosed gear lubricants, multi-service, propel machinery and wire rope lubricants, plus lubrication man- agement products and desiccant breath- ers. Jet-Lube specializes in drilling com- pounds, rock oils, thread compounds and sealants. No matter your application, we have the right solutions to solve your lubrication needs. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Matrix ® EP is an extreme pressure, calci- um sulfonate complex grease that extends lubrication frequency using less product, preventing premature wear. It protects your equipment against heat, high load, corrosion or infrequent lubrication in difficult applications and conditions far beyond conventional grease. Ideal applications include industrial bearings, u-joints, ball joints, pin and bushing pivot points on heavy equipment. Envirolube ® XE Extreme is an open gear, tclp-safe, non-asphaltic lubricant that continues to lead industry as one of the most high-performance and recom- mended open gear lubricants. It takes wear protection to a revolutionary level by extending the life of even the most severely loaded open gears and ensures cost savings through reduced friction, temperature and load. Ideal applications include heavily loaded open gears on ball mills and kilns. STANDARDS "Our company maintains a strong empha- sis on product quality throughout its operations. This begins with the com- pany's entire staff ranging from its R&D team to its production staff and sales force. We utilize lean manufacturing techniques, there's been a pretty heavy emphasis on this for the last 10 years, and it's advancing every day," Doug Reid, VP of Product Development says. CHANGE & GROWTH Whitmore and Jet-Lube continue devel- oping and innovating new products, equipment and services. "As the min- ing industry continues to be subject to changes, we adapt and provide the best solutions to challenges for our customer base. We focus our product development on applications where the current technology is not meeting the demands, especially those processes with assets operating under extreme conditions. Our company plans to con- tinue investing more in markets within North America, as well as International expansion," Joel Garrett, VP of Global Sales explains. /

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