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42 E&MJ • JUNE 2019 COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT ROPE-HAULED SYSTEMS FOR MATERIAL TANSPORTATION SINCE 1861 Today as yesterday Agudio stands for reliability, sustainability and innova- tion. A brand, a name, a passion shared by all the engineers that have been working in Agudio for its 150 years of history and have developed patents and inventions regularly applied both to revamp existing systems and to implement new solutions. AGUDIO is now part of the HTI Group together with LEITNER ropeways, POMA, PRINOTH, LEITWIND, DEMACLENKO and MiniMetro. Over 65 branch- es all over the world, more than 3,500 employees and an annual turnover amounting to over 1'000 million euros. As a result of the several projects successfully implemented, Agudio is considered a leading brand in the design and construction of ropeways and Flyingbelt for material transportation in difficult environmental conditions, the most cost-effective solution to reduce distances, overcome obstacles such as valleys and rivers, or fly over forests and protected areas with almost no environmental impact. Agudio cable cranes have always been the most reliable and high-per- forming systems for the construction of dams and viaducts in poorly acces- sible areas, thus ensuring the optimal site management, with considerable advantages in terms of implementation costs and timing. Choosing an Agudio transport system means benefiting from a wide range of advantages, both in the short and long term: A higher level of inno- vation: As a result of the specific experience in the sector and the constant investments in R&D. A strong reduction in energy consumption: Typical of rope-hauled systems, with the possi- bility of further generating energy for transport downhill. A considerable drop in CO 2 emissions: As a result of the replacement of transport systems based on fossil fuel consumption with completely elec- tric-powered transport systems. A sharp cut in running costs: Due to a lower energy consumption, combined to a high system reliability and availability. Optimization of maintenance costs: As a result of the combined used of top-quality components and detailed preventive maintenance plans. A higher system working life: Thanks to a well-established technology that can guarantee, through suitable maintenance plans, over 40 working years. A very high level of automation: Capable of ensuring maximum reliability, best performance and the highest safety levels. Low environmental impact: Both in terms of noise emissions and visual impact over the surrounding environment. A great system stability: Capable of working also in adverse weather condi- tions, such as low temperatures and strong wind. A wide system availability: Thanks to specific software of static and dynamic analysis of the installations and the components quality. AGUDIO FLYINGBELT The Flyingbelt is a patented system combining the advantages of conveyor belts and rope-hauled systems into a unique product for its efficiency and reliability, ideal for the mining, extraction and cement fields, as well as big construction sites. As it is not affected by the soil morphological conditions, the Flyingbelt can be used in any contexts, with a considerable reduction in the costs resulting from civil works, excavations and supporting structures usually required by conventional transport systems. The adoption of standard components used also for traditional conveyor belts enables the Flyingbelt to be a highly innovative system but, at the same time, ordinary for its operating and maintenance methods and costs. Moreover, the Flyingbelt can be used for hybrid systems, where the same belt can run both hanging on ropes and on traditional supports laying on the ground. AGUDIO ROPEWAYS Ropeways have always been the most cost-effective, rational and environ- mentally friendly solution to transport materials over long distances, steep slopes or poorly accessible areas. Nowadays, Agudio ropeways represent the highest expression of this sector technology, with completely automated systems which do not need personnel for material loading and unloading operations and can guarantee a high level performance. Inside the stations, the buckets are controlled by mechanical and electronic components (rails, levers, rollers, motors, sensors and actuators) which, synchro- nized by a sophisticated control system, ensure the system correct operation and safety. AGUDIO CABLECRANES Dams, quarries, viaducts. It is where the other means of transport cannot reach that Agudio tech- nology shows its superiority. Agudio cable cranes are designed with a double track rope having reduced diameter, easier and faster to be installed and more stable during operation, also in adverse climate conditions. Agudio cable cranes, with loading capacity up to 50 ton, traverse speed up to 8 m/s and lifting speed up to 4 m/s, reflect the state of the art in this technological sector and make it possible to manage complex sites in a simple and advanced manner, with considerable advantages in terms of implementation costs and timing.

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