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FANS AND VENTILATION 52 E&MJ • JUNE 2019 In addition to designing for electric and battery-powered mobile equipment, the team at Vale is working on a couple of projects to expand the use of natural cooling systems by taking advantage of Canadian winters, as well as installing automated ventilation control systems to maximize the efficiency of air distribution underground. This is made possible by building on the digital project of LTE (a 4G mobile communications standard) for wireless communication. Allen added that Vale has a few mine development projects where ventilation is a significant component. One of these is a current study where two mining compa- nies are working together to mine a deep orebody that has a shared boundary be- tween the two operations. "It will have a challenging ventilation design that will require alignment on cri- teria for the design, which sets the foun- dation for key decisions," she added. Natural Heating and Cooling Stantec's Kim Trapani has also been re- searching the heating and cooling of mines in subarctic climates using an ice stope storage system. The project was the subject of her paper given at the North American Ventilation Symposium in Mon- treal in late April. "The system uses a mined-out stope or opening close to the mine surface through which the surface ambient air passes before going underground," she explained. "In winter, when the air goes through this opening, return service wa- ter, which is relatively warm, is sprayed on to the freezing cold air. This results in the water freezing and depositing as ice in the opening, and the air warming up to be used underground. In the summer, this ice is melted, again by spraying. "The service water, and the chilled water from the melted ice, is gathered and sprayed in another chamber on to the incoming air to cool it before trans- fer underground (similar to a regular bulk air-cooler used for cooling ventilation air with the water coming from a chiller). "A techno-economic study for such a system shows that it is often less expensive to implement than a conventional system." Stantec also has a number of other ventilation projects under way, including developing the ventilation plan and infra- structure for the Kakula project in the Con- go, which has a significant ventilation and refrigeration infrastructure component. "A lot more operators are choosing to implement smart ventilation infrastruc- ture," Trapani added. "This is primarily to allow them to monitor the conditions un- derground. There are also significant cost savings from reduced ventilation that can be gained from implementing VOD. The level of savings will depend on the mine's design and operation." Another company with an interest in VOD is vendor ABB. VOD plays a large role in the company's Ability package of digital solutions. The system employs a series of sensors throughout the mine that transmit real-time information re- garding air quality, diesel-vehicle use and personnel to an Ability System 800xA op- erator for analysis. "VOD is a relatively new innovation, and the idea is to more efficiently distrib- ute air where it is needed by only ventilat- ing when and where people or machines are working," explained Jan Nyqvist, ABB product manager for Automation Under- COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Salvadori Srl is an Italian company located in Rovereto, the northern part of the country. Salvadori's story started in the tire retreading business, with the development of tools and equipment for this industry as for tire workshops. Its focus has always been on the rub- ber and the entire life-cycle of a tire, including new products made of recy- cled rubber. From 2015, Salvadori's dynamic spirit has led to the expansion of its business in the mining industry, with the creation of a complete line of repair and mainte- nance tools. The company saw an oppor- tunity to diversify its product line by exploiting some of the existing products, that could have been used on conveyor belts, and by adding specific ones. Some examples are: the Electric Belt Cutter, that can cut fabric belt with up to 50mm thickness, the Telescopic High Pressure Roller from 618mm to 1131 mm width, Belt Cover Pullers, Gripping Clamps, Professional Ripping Pliers, Brushes for Steel Cords, Sidewall Grinders and so on. Salvadori has specialized in the development and production of tools for cold splic- ing which naturally includes: adhe- sives, primers and repairs. The compa- ny also offers a special Cold Splicing , that can be customized upon request. Salvadori has always worked in an international environment, and this has allowed this Italian company to foresee and anticipate the market trends, to innovate, and to quickly react to changes. Its strength doesn't only rely on the product line, which is high quality and wider every year, but also in a 360° service. Salvadori's mission is providing customers with the care they deserve and giving the highest attention to every request. The assistance starts from the moment an order is received to the after-sales service and includes listening to spe- cific needs and the creation of ad-hoc requests. Furthermore, Salvadori's sales team is trained in conveyor belt splicing. Therefore, they can offer technical assis- tance and are able to present, in detail the features of each product in several languages, for example, Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. Salvadori exhibited at Bauma Munich, in April, and at Exponor Chile, in May, and will also be at the Mining Indonesia in September, from the 18 th till the 21 st : Hall A1 Stand 142. For additional information, see the company website, or email at

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