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FANS AND VENTILATION JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 57 "Many of these challenges revolve around budget and integration time," he explained. "Clients are looking for solu- tions that can be integrated quickly, with a quick return on investment (ROI) and low CAPEX spend." He explained that integrating a simple mine monitoring system, for example, one that enables miners to return to the face more quickly and safely after blasting, is relatively easy and inexpensive. "Projects such optimizing re-entry time based upon blast clearance typically have an ROI of 1-4 weeks, which is a great start- ing point," he said. "However, integrating ventilation control and monitoring requires a much higher CAPEX spend, which, in turn, will slow the process due to the requirement for multiple approvals from mine manage- ment, and sometimes even the board. "Ventilation doors and air regulators need to be installed in order to control the airflow at each level, and these can take months to deliver and install in an underground mine," he said. "Next, the client will have to select either a mine-made human-machine in- terface (HMI) solution or a ventilation control package from a software suppli- er, so this type of [advanced monitoring] solution is normally only attempted by operations with a long life of mine, and a rich, deep orebody." The short of the long is that there are no quick (or cheap) fixes when it comes to ventilating a mine. And every underground operation, no matter how big or small, will face these challenges in the future. How- ever, there are some innovative solutions available to help overcome the situations outlined above and, with some clever plan- ning as early as possible in the mine design process, both operating and capital costs for ventilation can be kept to a minimum. We approach innovation from all angles. We dream, we design, we innovate. From front- end studies to mine closures and reclamation, Stantec designs creative, innovative, and industry-leading solutions that advance mining companies and the communities they serve. Visit us at SMT Scharf's new E-Cruiser. Fleet electrification will help to significantly reduce the energy intensity of underground mines in the coming years. (Photo: SMT Scharf)

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