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MATERIAL HANDLING JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 63 Maintenance Assistance System (MAS) – MAS visualizes, plans and schedules maintenance tasks. Usage-based main- tenance intervals are calculated automat- ically, and necessary maintenance tasks are assigned to personnel. Locations requiring maintenance are displayed vi- sually. MAS is mobile device-ready and has secure user authentication and an authorization management system. The system's easy configurability allows main- tenance tasks to be modified based on company policies, according to thyssen- krupp Industrial Solutions. Stockpile Management System – This pairs material-flow detection with pile-scanning instrumentation to create an accurate and robust "digital stockpile" that is up- dated in real time and allows multiple machines to work simultaneously on the same stockpile. Through 3D map visual- ization of stockpile condition and shape, pile gaps can be quickly detected and cor- rected. The coordination of all stockyard machines reduces unnecessary machine movement, resulting in higher efficiency. Drone-based inspection – With drones be- ing touted as the perfect tool to inspect hard-to-access assets, this capability al- lows customers to get quick, cost-effec- tive, safe and thorough insight into stock- pile conditions without need of workers scrambling on the piles. The 3D scans from the drones can be supplemented with additional information gathered by thermal cameras mounted on the drones. Thermal information can be used for con- dition monitoring or for identifying tem- perature-related damage. thyssenkrupp said it can evaluate, in detail, machine and process data from plants worldwide with a state-of-the- art analysis system. Data is stored and pre-processed in a structured manner on site to ensure data quality. The struc- tured data base is transmitted in encrypt- ed form to the thyssenkrupp IoT cloud, where it can be further analyzed to detect anomalies or recognize patterns. Through careful technical evaluation, thyssenk- rupp said it can determine optimization potentials for a plant, its machines and operations, and can provide recommen- dations for achieving improvements. ABB unveiled the latest version of its Ability Stockyard Management System, designed to provide fully integrated, digi- tally based and collaborative stockyard and port operations by connecting all available information and process data for status monitoring and performance analysis. ABB said the system enables seamless integration in production planning, pro- viding real-time information on handled material, and supports the management of single or multiple inputs and outputs of different material qualities, storage, mixing and blending. It is a configurable system that can be used to digitalize the complete material handling chain. The material flow can be modeled across all belt conveyors and transportation equip- ment with material properties and quality information via automated data interfaces. Major features include: • A calculated stacking model built up according to the tracked material and acting as a "digital twin" of the stock- yard. This provides the operator with an inventory overview at any time, without the need of an extra survey. All data can be used for operational optimization such as efficient space utilization in a yard, better planning and scheduling, ELEVATING Phone: (705)495-8587 | At Mine Hoists International Limited we oer a single-source supply of all mine hoisting plant services to North American and International mining industries. We maintain a huge inventory of mine hoists, and more than 80 stage winches – up to 130,000 pounds – that are available for rent. Mine Hoists International brings together our knowledge and retains outside experts with world-wide experience. This combination of expertise allows us to oer you exceptional services. e Hoists International Limited we oer a single-source y of all mine hoisting plant services to North American YOUR JOB A division of Mining Equipment Limited

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