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MATERIAL HANDLING 64 E&MJ • JUNE 2019 or more accurate mixing and blending processes. • Control and prediction of material flow in various lines with material forecast, tracking and production history. • The ability to coordinate all excavators in the mine or yard machines in the plant at the right position with the right timing, offering proactive production control, which enables online mixing of material according to tracking, forecast- ing and online quality control. • Laser scanning or drone inspection en- able a nearly real-time update of the pile surface even after material movements due to environmental influences or due to the use of mobile machines. • A "slice view" feature, which gives oper- ators a view inside a pile to check mate- rial mix and quality, determine its ar- rival time, or observe changing material properties. • Modeling for intra-supply-chain quality optimization allowing operations staff to view tons and grade by digging position and belt-scale values according to in- formation gleaned from geological mod- els and online analyzers. • Automated interfaces to other systems provide a seamless workflow from ERP to control system for mine, plant and stockyard operations. An integration of PIMS, MES, production, maintenance and downtime planning or laboratory management systems combines all available information for analytics at the right time. ABB noted that the system employs sophisticated data collection and config- uration management to interface with var- ious information technology applications and platforms. This includes connectivity to IT and ERP systems through Web ser- vices, TCP/IP socket communication or direct database access; as well as data interfaces with OT automation systems through OPC — and if OPC is not sup- ported, through low-level data interfaces based on data wrappers. Inside the System Although material handling equipment and systems typically employ large, ro- bust and powerful machinery, the sum total of a given system's performance depends largely on how well its individ- ual components — including everything from sensors to software — have been integrated into its overall design and how effectively each of those components performs its assigned role. Here are a few examples. ABB's recently-introduced Ability Smart Sensor for Dodge mounted bear- ings enables "health checks" for bear- ings. Smart-sensor technology provides an early indicator of potential problems by assessing the condition of bearings from vibration and temperature information. This helps to prevent downtime on appli- cations such as bulk material handling conveyors, according to the company. ABB said the Smart Sensor uses the latest algorithms to assess, manage and ensure performance of components. Eighty percent of bearing failures are lu- brication related and a bearing "running hot" can indicate that proper lubrication procedures are not in place. Monitoring a bearing's vibration can indicate potential system problems. The smart sensor is designed to easily mount to the bearing and communicates wirelessly via a smartphone or other de- COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT SMT Scharf GmbH Solutions for Mining Transport - Inno- vative and reliable rail-bound transport systems and rubber-tired Vehicles. For more than 75 years, the SMT Scharf Group has planned, developed, built and serviced transport systems for mining and tunneling. SMT Scharf provides its customers with reliable service through its own companies in six countries and several global trade agencies. The SMT Scharf Group leads the world in technology for rail-bound overhead monorail and floor-mounted rail systems for underground mining. The Scharf brand is renowned for high machine quality and reliability. Our solutions are the first to be resorted to when it is essential that high standards in particularly tricky geological environments must be adhered to. To augment our core activities in the rail bound segment for complex under- ground requirements, we have enlarged our portfolio to include the complete prod- uct line of rubber-tired vehicles from RDH. For more than four decades, we have devised and produced on the mine-mo- bility sector, electrically driven trans- port systems for mining and tunneling throughout the world. Reliable transport solutions for mining and tunneling, over- head monorail and floor-mounted rail systems with diesel-hydraulic drive, bat- tery-electric or electric drive by means of conductor rail or rope hauled.

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