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IN-PIT CRUSHING 70 E&MJ • JUNE 2019 different mind-set for a successful installation. In most of the large mining companies, this is clearly understood, and they are nowadays relying on experts in the field of IPCC." By the 1990s, the capabilities of crushing stations and conveyors had evolved significantly, and promising results from new pilot projects demonstrated that the concept was worth another shot. Ebert explains: "Over time, there have been tremendous improvements in crushing technology, which have further pushed the rise of IPCC over the years. Today's systems strongly benefit from these improvements. "The development of new technologies further promotes the use of IPCC for various applications and opens up new possibilities for the industry. A good example is the ERC, our new eccentric roll crusher, which increases the range for in- pit crushing and mobile crushing solutions." Jabs is pragmatic. "We have to determine the different IPCC approaches," he stated. "Semi-mobile primary crushing stations with connected conveyor systems are still the most used IPCC technology. It is safe to say that today, this is a mature technology and it works hand in hand with shovels and trucks. "Nevertheless, it is important to discuss the requirements in mine planning and operations with the customer upfront to make this technology successful. Even more so if the choice is fully-mobile crushing. Fully-mobile crushing is the most efficient way of mining, but also more challenging when it comes to mine planning. "The technology is not as mature as semi-mobile IPCC but is clearly gaining traction. Vale's S11D project was clearly a milestone for this technology, and proof that a paradigm shift in operations can boost productivity to new levels." Why Consider IPCC? In general, IPCC represents a safer, more economic and less fossil-fuel-dependent alternative to conventional truck haul- age. In many cases, these systems require a higher upfront COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Semi-mobile solutions allow the benefits of IPCC to be combined with the flexibility of truck and shovel operations. (Photo: thyssenkrupp) Small Fueling Process Improvements Lead to Big Production Gains In the last decade, market forces have demanded that the mining industry learn to do more with less. Finding ways to constantly increase productivity while adhering to strict safety and environmental standards can be challeng- ing. Fueling process improvements is an easy way for any operation to boost efficiency quickly without a huge capital expenditure. Established in 2001, FlowTech Fueling has become the leader in fueling process improvement. Their patented Non-pressure Fueling Systems and large-scale Mobile Fueling Depots are specifically designed to provide low maintenance, high functioning reliability to meet the challenges of harsh mine and quarry environments. With over 80 years of combined mining experience, FlowTech's expertise and commitment to customer service is second to none. Installing FlowTech's non-pressure, overfill prevention Fueling Systems on your mobile equipment will instantly provide multi-dimensional savings by: • eliminating fuel spillage, • improving personnel safety, • reducing tank maintenance, and • minimizing environmental impacts. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and nickel-plated steel, FlowTech Fueling Systems are built to last much longer than similar fueling systems com- prised of plastic components. With over 1400 systems installed on mining/quary equipment throughout the US and Canada, FlowTech Fueling Systems have prov- en to be the premier systems in the marketplace. The system provides the end user with ease of installation, reliable operation, low maintenance, and is backed by FlowTech's excellent service and commitment to customer satisfaction. FlowTech Mobile Fueling Depots provide customers the efficiency and flexibility of a high-flow, multi-station fueling facility with the added benefit of easily moving it as the mine plan requires. FlowTech Fuel Depots are extremely customizable with various fuel tank storage capacities and configurations as well as options for two to ten heavy equipment refueling stations, a high-flow fuel truck filling station and a light vehicle filling station. Having the ability to refuel ten haul trucks in 15 minutes and relocate the facility closer to the active mining area, provides an extremely quick return on investment. Fuel is often a mining companies second largest operating expense, however; very little focus is placed on the fueling process. FlowTech works with its cus- tomers to develop a customized and comprehensive plan to improve the fueling process from delivery, to bulk storage, to equipment refueling. Fueling process improvement offers mining operations a unique opportunity to easily eliminate fuel waste and maximize fueling effi- ciency. FlowTech can help you achieve a faster fill without the spill so your operation can do more with less.

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