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CRUSHERS JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 77 portantly ensuring all new members of the team share the CMS Cepcor approach to customer service is key." Weare said the company has seen sustained growth spanning three decades that has been largely non-impacted by market downturns. "We believe this is as a result of our expanding prod- uct range and large stock inventory that covers parts only previ- ously available from the OEM," he said. "Where the OEM is un- able or perhaps unwilling to meet the mines' requirements, we try to lead the aftermarket offering with not only competitive prices and high-quality products, but also unrivaled customer service." Stepping Forward and Up Telsmith's new Titan T900 cone crusher represents a giant step forward that hasn't been seen in the mining crusher solutions space in 15 years, according to Jeff Gray, vice president, sales and marketing, Telsmith. The unit's design, with patented hybrid thrust-bearing technol- ogy, ensures a number of benefits that enable it to start paying for itself almost immediately, the company reported. Beyond a boon from increased crushing capacity and efficiency, the T900 offers cost savings in the form of reduced downtime for maintenance. The latest edition to the Titan Series, which has largely prov- en itself in other industries, the T900 also represents an at- tempt by the company to expand market share. "Historically, Telsmith is viewed as a company that built crushers and screens for construction aggregate companies," Gray said. "That was probably because we didn't have 900-hp machines. We con- sciously made the decision to develop the T900 that had the features that would get us A) the size of the crusher, and B) an all-bushing machine." Gray described the Titan Series as originating from a "clean sheet" design. "Obviously, we took everything we learned from previous series, but then we also looked at what the market wanted and what the market was already using," he said. Design concept testing was completed a little more than a de- cade ago. The first Titan Series crushers, previously called the T- Series, were being announced and showcased in 2012. The se- ries includes 300-hp, 400-hp and 500-hp units. The 900-hp unit features most of the same parts and the same basic design as the others in the series. What sets the series apart, Telsmith reported, is the hybrid bearings. "The hybrid bearing replaces what the predominant players in the mining crusher market are using and what they call a head socket on their cone crushers," Gray said. "Our hy- brid bearing is new to the crushing world and the mining world." The bearings "replace conventional socket, socket liner, and head ball design with a simplified washer and ramp design," Telsmith reported. The hybrid bearings are positioned lower in the machine. "Depending on the size of the crusher, it could be as many as 4 or 5 feet lower in the machine verses a competitor's machine," Gray said. That allows for a larger bearing surface area. "The compet- itors are limited to the diameter of the main shaft of the ma- chine," Gray said. "That is as large as they can make their sock- et bushing. We have a larger diameter and more surface area, which correlates into a higher load carrying capacity." The hybrid bearings enable the machine to crush "at lower horsepower because improved lift helps carry the crushing forc- es better than roller bearing machines," Telsmith reported. Gray said the bearings "allow us to run tighter and put more power into crushing." The T900 features a 15-in. feed size and is designed for the second or third position in the lineup. "Offering a capacity throughput range from 500 to 2,134 metric tons per hour, it's the perfect fit for processing material for ball mill feed in mining applications or crushing and sizing material in aggregate opera- tions," the company reported. It has an 88-in. head diameter, replaceable main frame lin- ers, a 675-kW drive motor, and the "largest-in-class clearing stroke," at 10 in. It offers a host of benefits, foremost of which translates to cost savings. "The biggest area where we would save labor hours would be maintenance at a 24/7 operation," Gray said. To meet growing demand for quality precision-machined non-OEM spare parts for crushers and other mining machines, CMS Cepcor purchases a 6,000-m 2 facility near its Coalville, U.K., headquarters. (Photo: CMS Cepcor) Proven in construction aggregates, Telsmith's Titan series crushers, including the new T900, are designed to propel the company further into the mining space. (Photo: Telsmith)

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