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CRUSHERS 78 E&MJ • JUNE 2019 "The time involved to take the machine apart for liner changes and then to inspect all bearings is probably half that of com- petitive machines." Whereas bearing service on a competitive machine could span between six and eight hours, "for ours, it is about two hours," Gray said. "Add on roughly 20 minutes you can actu- ally lift the eccentric out of the machine and look at the gears and ball-bearing surfaces. So, you are helping yourself avoid un- planned downtime, and you have a way to plan for preventative maintenance." Other listed benefits include fewer cylinders, the Telsmith anti-spin system, and its Trac10 Automation package with au- to-wear functionality. The machine is designed for large, high-production opera- tions, such as big copper or iron ore projects. It has the same bolt-hole pattern as competitor machines, Gray said. Shorter, but with the identical mounting footprint, it was purpose-built to replace existing crushers in an established circuit. The company hopes to partner with a miner interested in trialing a unit. "We are actually looking for an opportunity for a location where we could actually install it as a partnership, and after a period of time, if we meet the objectives for uptime and performance, then we would convert to a sale," Gray said. "The ideal location would be in a location that has four to 20 cones, or more than four cones in a one operation. A large-scale crush- ing operation would be ideal." Telsmith has a machine and spare parts ready to ship. It is expected to, among other things, dispel any myths that it is the same as the other bushing cone-based solutions on the market. "If they don't understand the hybrid bearing, they just assume that," Gray said. "But it is far from that." Analytics, Expertise for Hire Metso reported it is seeking more partners interested in in- creased crusher uptime. After receiving positive feedback from early trials, the sup- plier is seeking to expand the pool of customers using the com- pany's new data analytics service package, Metso Metrics, Olli Luukkonen, director, data and analytics, Metso, said. The service was released globally in mid-November 2018. "For the first parts of last year, we had a piloting phase where we attracted the first customers onboarded," Luukkonen said. "We have been able to look into the cone crushers, the data that we get out of them, and with the analytics and our experts we have been able to prevent some of the incidences happening at the customer sites. Now in 2019, we are looking forward to expanding the pilot phase." The data is collected by either sensors that are already built into the crusher and by those supplied by Metso. "This sensor data can be regulatory control information such as flows, levels, pressures, and temperatures coming directly from the instru- mentation, as well as health and performance gauges," the com- pany reported. The data flows to "the cloud so that now we share the same visibility into the equipment that the customer has," Luukonen said. "We deploy the analytics on that data and then our experts COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Boart Longyear is the world's leading provider of drilling services, and a pioneer in drilling equipment and performance tooling. The company has also successfully introduced a number of its own geological- data-gathering technologies providing more information and value to customers. With a wide range of drilling service expertise and technical capa- bilities, Boart Longyear specialists utilize an advanced fleet of equip- ment for hassle-free meters drilled on time and on target. Boart Longyear's comprehensive line of safe and reliable drill rig equipment includes the deepest reaching drills, the first rigs to offer truly hands-free rod handling solutions, and the first U.S. firm to uti- lize sonic drilling equipment helping to reduce environ- mental impact. Originally intro- ducing genuine Q™ wireline core retrieval systems more than 60 years ago, Boart Longyear continues to revolutionize the diamond drilling industry. Since then, the reliability of RQ™ rods, and recently the launch of stronger and longer lasting XQ™ rods, are allowing drillers to go even deeper. Boart Longyear engineers continue to improve upon the impregnat- ed diamond bit that was first introduced by the company in the 1980s. The latest in this line is the Longyear™ diamond bit engineered to drill faster, last longer, and out-perform existing bit technology. Whether its rigs, sonic equipment, coring rods, casings, bits, down- hole instrumentation, parts and services or contract drilling services, Boart Longyear takes care of all your drilling requirements for mining, energy, mine de-watering, oil sands exploration, and production drilling. For more information, visit

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