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CRUSHERS JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 81 Letting Torque Spikes Slip Voith reported SafeSet torque limiting couplings (TLC) now come standard on many OEM crushers. Manufacturers and miners who adopt the solution for new equipment realize a couple key benefits, Stephen Klein, appli- cation engineer, Voith, said. "Integrating the SafeSet in from the start will save the end-users significant costs in the future, but also it can be a little difficult to retrofit one in after the fact because things have to be moved back and a lot of times the equipment doesn't allow that," he said. "If we can get the Safe- Sets in at the start, it also helps the OEM of the crusher sell it because the maintenance will be significantly less." This also means maintenance-related downtime will be reduced. Adoption comes at a cost that Klein said is muted when in the right context. "There is a high initial cost at the beginning," he said. "But when you think about how much money you are going to be saving not repairing equipment or trying to get what- ever back up and running, it is worth that money." Installed on a driveline, SafeSet, the simplest and flagship offering from Voith's line of TLCs, cuts maintenance and down- time by preventing torque spikes from damaging a system when, for example, a crusher jams. SafeSet contains two specially coated friction sleeves that are engaged with applied hydraulic pressure. Like a fuse, in an overload situation, the coupling releases the hydraulic pressure instantly and freely rotates on internal bearings, transmitting no torque through the driveline, and saving it from failure. "There is no metal on metal," Klein said. "What it does is it will release the oil pressure, allowing it to free spin and prevent- ing that torque from transmitting back to your very expensive gearbox or motor and saving you the expense of costly damage from the shockwaves coming back through the equipment." In the event of a shutdown, the coupling will indicate if a torque overload and corresponding release occurred. "There will • 860-928-6551 AirSweep ® is a Division of Putnam, Connecticut ® MATERIAL ACTIVATION SYSTEMS MATERIAL ACTIVATION SYSTEMS Solve Tough Material Flow Problems Ideal for silos, gravity chutes, bins, hoppers, vibratory conveyors, dust collection systems and other bulk material processing equipment. AirSweeps are quieter than air cannons, won't stress or damage vessel walls like vibrators, and DUHPRUHHIIHFWLYHWKDQÁXLGL]HUV THE PROOF IS IN THE FLOW! AirSweep systems have successfully handled the following materials: Aluminum, Copper, Diatomaceous Earth, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Limestone, Phosphate, Soda Ash, Uranium, &RDOFRNHPLQHUXQVLOWSXOYHUL]HG DQGRWKHUPLQHGPDWHULDOV Watch Demo Videos at DFWLYDWLRQRIPDWHULDOIRUDÀUVWLQÀUVWRXWFRQWUROOHGÁRZ Sequenced pulsing of strategically-positioned AirSweep ® units break friction WROLIWDQGVZHHSVWDOOHGPDWHULDOEDFNLQWRWKHÁRZVWUHDP ɿ Eliminates and prevents bridging, blockages, and sticky buildup ɿ 'HOLYHUVRQGHPDQGSURGXFWÁRZ ɿ Cleans interior surfaces ɿ (QHUJ\HIÀFLHQW²XVHVSODQWDLU Each AirSweep ® unit activates up WRDQIRRWGLDRIEXONPDWHULDO McLanahan releases the new, transportable UltraCRUSH Modular Cone Crusher at bauma 2019. (Photo: McLanahan)

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