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CRUSHERS JUNE 2019 • E&MJ 83 The couplings have been on the market for years and the feedback from customers is uniformly positive, Klein said. "On SlipSet, our customers really like that because they don't have to spend the time re-pressurizing it," he said. "They also have reduced breakages on their gearboxes." Installation is easy. "Setting them is very simple," Klein said. "When you get that coupling, it will have a nameplate on it, and it will have what it needs to be set to." Further instructions come with the packaging. The training offered includes on-site demos overseen by Voith and video instructions. Voith also offers the newly released Condition Monitoring Sys- tem (CMS) 310, which leverages sensors mounted on the cou- plings, collects data, and provides remote users with information via an HMI panel or web portal. "Slip angle is continuously mea- sured and calculated to determine if and how much the TLC has slipped," the company reported. "The status information can then be used to quickly identify any need for action." The initial cost of adoption of the couplings is more than balanced by the cost-savings that result from reduced dam- age, maintenance and downtime, Klein said. "It is a very sim- ple piece of equipment that will save you a lot of money," he said. "You take multiple shutdowns, all that cost, you've more than paid for that SafeSet just in the first couple of shutdowns that you prevent." Getting Guidance to Haulers Komatsu Mining subsidiary Modular Mining Systems reported its new ProVision Guided Spotting System could soon be used in directing haulers to dump sites for crushers. "We have the ability to provide guidance back in to some of those tight dumping areas," Braden Weisheit, global sales man- ager, machine guidance, Modular Mining, said. "The crushing application will be an available option in 2019." ProVision, announced in Q1 2019, provides situational awareness to hauler operators. It uses advanced guidance tech- nologies, high-precision GNSS positioning and proprietary on- board software "to provide centimeter-level accuracy for equip- ment operators," Modular reported. It "automatically tracks, collects, captures, stores and utiliz- es, in real-time, all GPS information," on the hauler, Weisheit said. "The truck system utilizes real-time positional information, dynamically providing truck operators with guidance to the opti- mum location." Two in-cab LED interfaces display the information. When the hauler approaches the tip point, the displays present de- tailed guidance. The guidance is based on the specs of a "load zone polygon" at the dump site, Weisheit said. When the truck breaches the polygon, instructions on maneuvering into the designated "spot" are generated, he said. Because a tip point for a crusher is "a static, fixed dumping point, it is just a matter of surveying in that dump spot," he said. "Once the truck breaches that polygon around the dump point, they receive guidance to get to the exact designated spot." The primary tangible deliverable of the system is exact "con- tinuous guidance and navigation information," Weisheit said. Results include improved compliance to plans along with po- tentially big gains in productivity, the company reported.

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