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CONVEYORS 84 E&MJ • JUNE 2019 The theme of this edition of Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ) is material handling. Really, no informed discus- sion of material handling can take place without conveyors. At some point between the pit and the port, conveyors en- ter the transportation chain and, with all the improvements taking place, the mining business will only continue to em- brace their use. Today, curved conveyors span tens of kilometers. Hugging the ground, they roll with hills and make turns around bends. The companies that specialize in these bulk material-handling marvels make it look simple, but design- ing these conveyor systems is an engineering art form. The use of curved conveyor systems eliminates transfer points, a source for noise and fugitive dust, as well as the constant maintenance on chute work, wiper blades, water sprays and skirting systems. The use of conveyors also eliminates a lot of trucks rum- bling through towns and the associated fuel usage and main- tenance costs. Depending on the project, belt conveyors re- quire up to 90% less primary energy than comparable truck haulage. Mines can often reduce operating costs for haulage by several million dollars per year. Performing a cost compar- ison will quickly reveal promising results. What follows is a collection of interesting conveyor projects. Extreme Conveyors RBL-REI, one of the worldwide leaders in the design, man- ufacture and construction of complex conveyors systems, re- ported it has several outstanding installations that are under construction or have recently entered into operation. East Mining Co. appointed RBL-REI to design, supply and supervise the construction of a 28-kilometer (km) coal overland conveyor system. Located in Russia's Uglegorsk region, RBL- REI said it will be the most extensive conveyor in the country, connecting the Solntsevsky coal mine with Shakhtersk Port. The conveyor is expected to increase coal production and ex- port shipment from 7.5 million metric tons per year (mt/y) today to 20 million mt/y by 2022. Construction of the con- Curved Conveyors Cut Costs The most efficient way to transport material from point A to point B is not necessarily a straight line By Steve Fiscor, Editor-in-Chief LHOIST selected RBL-REI to design and construct a 3.5-km overland conveyor that will deliver lime to the existing process plant based in Tarnow, Poland. A 28-km overland conveyor system, believed to be the longest in Russia, will connect the Solntsevsky coal mine with Shakhtersk Port.

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