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OIL SANDS JULY 2019 • E&MJ 25 cause of increasing delays and growing regulatory uncertainty. "Canada's resource sector has seen an alarming number of projects either put on hold or shelved completely in favor of more welcoming jurisdictions like the United States. And now, looming over the horizon is the dark cloud of Bill C-69. "It will further erode confidence in Canada's regulatory framework and deter investment in a country already seen as too risky a place to invest. In 2017 and 2018, for example, the planned invest- ment value of major resource sector proj- ects dropped by C$100 billion. We know oil prices aren't the culprit, especially when we see how well the energy sector is doing south of the border." Kenney also pointed out that Bill C-69 also gave federal agencies the power to regulate provincial projects, such as in-situ oil sands developments and pet- rochemical refineries, which are entirely within a province's borders and already subject to provincial regulation. "The threat posed by Bill C-69 cannot be dismissed as a uniquely Alberta issue. When Alberta's energy sector suffers, it cascades through the whole provincial economy, and then ripples out across our national economy," he said. Kenney met with a number of sena- tors in May to discuss both Bill C-48 and C-69, and also enlisted Energy Minister Sonya Savage to help fight his corner. He delivered a letter to all senators co-signed by the leaders of Alberta's official oppo- sition and the two other major provincial parties, urging that the senate respect the will of its committees by rejecting Bill C-48 in its entirety and accepting recom- mended amendments to Bill C-69. However, despite Kenney's best efforts, the federal government voted to pass both Bills C-48 and C-69 on June 20. "Bill C-48 is a prejudicial attack on Alberta, banning from Canada's north- west coast only one product — bitumen — produced in only one province, Alber- ta. After thousands of hours of study, the Senate transport committee determined that there was no defensible rationale for this bill," he said in a terse statement is- sued shortly after the announcement. "Bill C-69, the 'No More Pipelines Law,' has been adopted with virtually none of the amendments proposed by the government of Alberta, or industry groups. The Senate had commendably made 188 constructive amendments to the bill, which were subsequently stripped out by the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. The bill, in its final form, is opposed by nine of 10 provinces, almost every major industry group in Canada, and dozens of First Nations. "It inserts massive new uncertainty into the federal environmental approval process for major projects, leading ener- gy industry groups to say that no future pipeline will ever be proposed under this regime. It is also a flagrant violation of the exclusive constitutional jurisdiction of provinces to control the development of their natural resources." Kenney has vowed to challenge the passage of both bills in court, but wheth- er the Trudeau government listens will be another matter. One thing is certain: 2020 will not prove any easier for Alberta's oil sands producers. RAPID MINE DEVELOPMENT? LET'S TALK SHOTCRETE Sika is at the forefront when it comes to efficiency improvements in mines, by speeding up mine cycle times through in-cycle shotcrete solutions and op - timizing the cost performance of concrete intensive operations. With a high quality, integrated and smart product portfolio, we have become a well respected partner to bring modern day mining a step ahead. Visit us on SIKA SERVICES AG Tueffenwies 16 CH-8048 Zurich Switzerland Phone: +41 58 436 40 40

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