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SHOTCRETE JULY 2019 • E&MJ 29 been world famous as the manufactur- er of concrete pumps par excellence for 60 years," he said. "This know-how is applied to the concrete pump mounted on the Wetkret 4, specially designed for concrete spraying." The Putzmeister Wetkret 4 pump "guarantees a homogeneous shotcrete application," Lopez said. It ensures the required quality and layer thickness, and reduces rebound. Its flow rate of 20 m 3 per hour (hr) allows for increased produc- tivity, he said. "Wetkret 4 also comes equipped with automatic synchronization of the additive dosage with the concrete flow, a FOPS/ ROPS-certified cabin, an integrated air compressor and optimal weight distribu- tion," Lopez said. Optional equipment includes a closed cabin, PVC glass, air conditioning and heating, a waterproof seat, and tramming direction lights. The unit can be equipped with either a Stage IIIA-Tier 3 or a Stage IV-Tier 4f diesel engine. Mixkret 3 joins the series that includes the Mixkret 4 and the Mixkret 5. Compact and robust, it is capable of a tight turning radius, the company reported. "The perfect complement to Wetkret 4, it has the same components as Wetkret 4, facilitating and improving spare parts management," Lopez said. The unit is the only mixer in the market with a height of 2.2 m and that has a mixing capac- ity of 3 m 3 , Lopez said. "The tank's novelty lifting system of- fers a wide versatility in terms of the height of concrete release in roboticized equipment for shot- crete," he said. Like the rest of the Mixkret range, the Mixkret 3 has a pow- erful motor, he said, "which gives it great capacity for climbing and transfer, as well as the ability to work at height." A four-cylinder Stage IIIA-Tier 3 diesel engine that offers 106 kW comes standard. It features a continuously variable hy- drostatic transmission system without gear changes, the company reported. Optional equipment includes a closed cabin and tramming direction lights, among others. Benefits offered by both machines in- clude higher-quality support, safer work- ing conditions, energy savings, and per- sonnel and time savings, Lopez said. At bauma, Putzmeister exhibited the Wetkret 5, ideal for large tunnels. The unit "ensures safe and accurate spraying in middle and large sections of tunnels and mines," Lopez said. "The spraying arm, which has a vertical reach of 17 m, has demonstrated its efficiency in proj- ects around the world. What's more, it can perform movements simultaneously, resulting in improved maneuverability and reduced times." The unit's concrete pump offers a maximum output capacity of 33 m 3 / hr. "The compressor integrated into the chassis allows autonomy in the spraying process, and ensures maximum qual- ity," Lopez said. "For greater additive dosage accuracy, it boasts a peristal- tic additive pump, or a screw additive pump with flowmeter. All of the equip- ment's functionalities are remote con- trolled, guaranteeing operator safety and ergonomics." Putzmeister offers after-sales service and support that relies on knowledge gained from 30 years in the business. "We know our customers can't stop their projects," Lopez said. "For commission- ing, breakdown repairs, and inspections, our extensive after-sales service network guarantees rapid assistance to ensure efficient solutions in any situation. Our service also provides both a remote tele- phone service with a 24-hour helpline, with onsite service through our local staff worldwide." The flipside to that is the company uses the feedback it receives from cus- tomers to improve its offerings, Lopez said. "We love that customers tell us what they need, what they don't like, what they love and what can be improved," he said. "This way, we enrich not only our prod- ucts but also our service." The 2-m-wide Putzmeister Mixkret 3 is capable of an outer turning radius of 5.5 m. (Photo: Putzmeister) Above, The Putzmeister Wetkret 4 is 1.9 m wide and 2.2 m in height. (Photo: Putzmeister)

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