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P R O C E S S I N G S O LU T I O N S unique strength and ability to successfully execute projects in remote and difficult to access terrains and locations. Attendees/clients expressed particular interest in pushing conventional design limits as well as anticipated breakthrough innovations. Similar symposiums are being planned worldwide by Tenova Mining & Minerals, with one in Johannesburg, South Africa, in an advanced stage of planning for later this year. Tenova Pyromet Introduces Client Support Service Tenova TAKRAF, now a sister company to Delkor in the Tenova Minerals group, is currently in the final stages of an order to provide a hydraulically driven SAG mill (illustrated above) to a Canadian graphite producer. nologies and engineering services to provide clients with a unique one-stop total solution source across the full mining value chain. Another example is the mills product line, for which Delkor is acting as the worldwide distributor. These were originally the Bateman mills developed in South Africa. Right now Tenova TAKRAF is completing an order for the supply of a 5.5 m x 2.75 m, hydraulically driven semiautogenous grinding (SAG) mill to Ontario Graphite, operators of the Kearney mine located in Kearney, Ontario, Canada. The Kearney mine is due to begin production in 2013 and will be supported by Tenova Delkor Canada for aftermarket services. There are also a number of mining studies under way that are sharing expertise and resources from the different parts of Tenova Mining & Minerals. These include a Tenova Delkor copper study in Chile for tailings dewatering, which is a combined effort between the Tenova Delkor team and Tenova TAKRAF, and a second tailings dewatering study, under way in the United States at another copper operation. However, while we seek to leverage and combine our equipment supply capabilities and our projects expertise in the best interest of our clients, we are acutely sensitive to the need for 158 E&MJ • JUNE 2013 strict governance in awarding equipment supply contracts when carrying out EPCM work for our clients. Our equipment supply companies are treated on an "arms-length" basis, and with strict governance, on an equal footing with their competitors. • How did your customers respond to the recent North American client symposium held in Denver? What did you learn from them? Are more of these symposiums being planned, worldwide? There was very positive feedback to the recent North American client symposium, attended by some 140 participants representing 50 companies, which confirmed the value that the symposium added to our current and potential business relationships. With the theme of Ground Breaking Developments and Technological Highlights in Ore Mining, Bulk Materials Handling & Processing , the symposium afforded us the opportunity to present and share fresh technologies and to provide new and innovative solutions to current and potential clients. This covered industry leading technologies specific to preparing tailings for dry stacking, conveyors, leach pads and IX&SX-EW solutions, innovative bulk materials handling, tailings reclaiming and processing, and information on our Earlier this year, Tenova Pyromet, another Tenova Mining & Minerals company, announced it had launched a worldwide client support service to the global users of Tenova Pyromet key technologies, providing post-project and aftermarket assistance to enable furnace operators to maximize their operational efficiencies. The service is also available to users of other technologies. Tenova Pyromet specializes in design and supply of high-capacity AC and DC furnaces and complete smelting plants for production of ferroalloys, base metals, slag cleaning and refining. It also designs and supplies equipment for material handling and pre-treatment, alloy conversion and refining, granulation of metal, matte and slag, furnace off-gas fume collection and treatment, and treatment of hazardous dusts and waste. Pyromet said its client support service ranges from on-site technical assistance to supply and installation of prod- Tenova Pyromet's newly introduced client support service will offer post-project and aftermarket assistance to its furnace customers. The service is also available to users of other technologies.

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