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P R O C E S S I N G S O LU T I O N S ucts and spare equipment, on-site assistance during shutdowns and rebuilds, close-out of capital projects and support to clients with cold and hot-commissioning. Operational training for clients on furnace equipment and technical training on equipment maintenance are also offered. "Tenova Pyromet's Client Support Service brings together the company's existing aftermarket/post-project services, which fall into three broad areas: post switch-in technical support, copper products and spare equipment and technical assistance with close out issues. With each of these having the shared objective of maximizing reliability and efficiency of clients' smelting operations, integrating these into a singular client support service makes great sense," said Werner Roberts, client support manager. According to the company, the new service offers the furnace industry Tenova Pyromet's in-depth knowledge and experience in ferroalloys and base metals smelting processes, complemented by its extensive list of successful furnace projects worldwide, through people who have deep and broad smelting and maintenance backgrounds. "Tenova Pyromet boasts a unique source of process, engineering and development capabilities, a key advantage of the client support service, with this expertise immediately on-hand to resolve client technical issues," said Roberts. "As leaders in the supply of AC and DC furnaces and complete smelting plants, we have developed an intimate understanding of our clients' technology and technical support needs through leveraging off the client knowledge and understanding that we have gained through our ongoing client interactions. This enables us to provide a proactive service for ensuring that clients' furnaces operate at optimum availability." Tenova Pyromet also noted that the service provides it with an invaluable channel for clients to feed technical information relating to their experiences back to the company's furnace process design and technology capabilities areas— enabling Pyromet to stay abreast of industry improvements and developments. "In this highly cost-sensitive industry, we see a strong need for continuous improvement in our process design and technology capabilities. Experience from the field and client collaboration are critical for our achievement of this," said Roberts. The company said it is committed to rapid inquiry response handling and to providing full progress reporting throughout the duration of any service process, such as the delivery of spare equipment. "Tenova Pyromet's spares service is not limited to the supply of proprietary spares. It also covers a full range of industry spares, providing clients with the ease of ordering their full suite of start-up and operational spares needs from a single source. In addition, Tenova Pyromet offers clients full contracting flexibility, based on clients' general preference for turnkey solutions, ranging from manufacture and procurement of spare equipment, through to installation and commissioning," said Roberts. JUNE 2013 • E&MJ 159

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