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COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Timken High-Performance Steel: Offering Strength Where it Matters In the Mines The mining industry features some of the world's most demanding applications. For mining tooling needs, Timken® engineered alloy bar and seamless mechanical tubing make Timken an ideal supplier. As a leading supplier in North America, customers recognize Timken for the cleanness and quality of its high-performance steel. Customers find Timken Steel in numerous power transmission components in a wide variety of mining vehicles as well as these common mining applications: • Adapters; • Blast hole drill pipe; • Couplers; • Down-the-hole drill bits; • Down-the-hole hammer components; • Drill pipe tool joints; • Hollow drill rods; • Hydraulic impact hammer components; • Hydraulic impact hammer tooling; • Mining chain; • Percussion drill bits; • Raise bore drill rod; • Shanks; • Top hammer drill bits; and • Tri-cone roller bits. Bar from the Timken Faircrest Steel Plant. Timken is investing more than $500 million at Faircrest and its other Canton, Ohio, operations to enhance its strategic capabilities to serve mining customers' needs. Consistent Chemistry, Higher Productivity Draws Mining Customer to Timken Timken produces more than 450 grades of high-quality alloy steel, including these popular mining grades: 20MnV6 (TIM-6V), 4130, 4140, 4145M, 4330V, 9313/9315, D6A, EN27, EN30B, EN39B, and HY-Tuf. Other grades are available upon request. Timken also customdesigns chemistries to fit exacting engineered mining solution needs. Access to coal and iron ore is critical to the continued development of infrastructure all around the world. Timken® steel appears in the mining tools and equipment globally. From mining chain to rotary drill bits, the Timken steel-making approach to internal cleanness, consistent chemistry and dimensional control is key to the customers' manufacturing processes and end-user performance. In fact, Timken recently delivered an order to a manufacturer of drills and drilling support systems. This customer uses two grades of Timken steel bars—ranging in diameter from 30mm to 160mm—in its mining applications. The customer chose Timken steel to help it achieve a higher yield during the manufacturing process. The internal cleanness and consistent chemistry of the steel produces metallurgical properties that help allow for better performance. Stronger Performance Investment in Customer Satisfaction A Selection of Timken Carbon and Alloy Grades Timken is dedicated to helping mining customers gain world-class performance by tapping into its application and materials knowledge. Timken applies what it knows to offer engineered Timken steel. The company's strengths in metallurgy, manufacturing processes and problem-solving drive tailored solutions meeting a customer's needs. What sets Timken apart? Consider these five areas: • Internal cleanliness: Cleaner steel typically equates to increased life expectancy for products through better fatigue resistance, improved rolling contact life, reduced bending and sliding fatigues, and decreased cracking and chipping. • Excellent machinability: Careful control of microstructures in Timken steel helps ensure consistent and reliable machinability. • Improved heat-treat response: Timken designs tighter hardenability ranges for improved consistency in properties from heat to heat, and greater uniformity within a heat. • Service and technical knowledge: With the Timken team of highly trained engineers and salespeople, customers benefit from experts who offer additional support and custom solutions. • Global supply-chain capabilities: As an international company, Timken supplies customer operations wherever they are in the world. The new 3,000-tone Timken in-line forge press enhances the consistency of properties of its special bar quality steel for mining customers. 22 E&MJ • JUNE 2013 Timken has made significant investments in its focus to meet customer demands. The company delivers every order, even custom ones, cost effectively. These investments help Timken continue to offer highly precise products with consistent temperature controls, shorter lead times and tighter cross-dimensional tolerances. Recent investments that together exceed more than half a billion dollars include: • In-line forge press; • Intermediate tube finishing line; • Jumbo bloom vertical caster; • Ladle refiner; • Long-length tube line; • Quench and temper heat treat; • Small-bar rolling mill; and • Ultrasonic test inspection line. Let Timken Help Timken proactively seeks solutions for its customers' businesses and promises superior customer service. Contact Timken today to find out how it can strengthen mining applications and exceed expectations. Visit or give Timken a call at 1-866-284-6536 within the U.S. or +44 (0) 1455 826320 outside the U.S. From the heaviest mine trucks to the largest tunneling equipment on earth, customers bring their greatest challenges to Timken (left). Timken steel withstands extreme conditions and resist corrosion in machinery probing deep into the ground (right).

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