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COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Goodyear T ruck Tires Help Keep Mining T rucks Up and Running tion; a special tread compound to resist chip and chunk damage; a four-steel belt package for extra toughness and enhanced performance; and a cool-running base compound that contributes to long tread life. For Severe-Service: The G741 The Goodyear G741 contains a variety of features, including a special cut- and chip-resistant compound for enhanced performance on tough surfaces. In today's hyper-competitive mining industry, vehicle downtime—even for short periods—can be an expensive proposition. That's why trucks that travel to, from and across mine sites want a tire that's every bit as tough and rugged. Add a revolutionary technology that instantly seals nail-hole punctures of up to 1/4-in. in diameter in the repairable area of a tire's tread, and the result is an outstanding tire for mining trucks, according to Brian Buckham, marketing manager for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. "The Goodyear G177 DuraSeal truck tire offers optimal performance in coalfields and on other demanding surfaces while helping to keep mining trucks up and running so they can reach their destinations," Buckham said. The uptime-promoting "ingredient" in the G177 is Goodyear's exclusive DuraSeal Technology, a gel-like substance built into the tire's inner liner that springs into action when a nail-hole puncture occurs. "DuraSeal immediately surrounds the penetrating object and seals the puncture." DuraSeal can seal quarter-inch (and smaller) tread punctures "and can do it again and again without the tire needing to be repaired or the sealant needing to be re-applied. This means the G177 DuraSeal can remain in service, even—and especially—while traveling across extreme terrain. DuraSeal also lasts retread after retread, so you get the uptime benefit over the life of the casing," Buckham said. The versatile G177 DuraSeal contains other performance-optimizing features, including a rugged tread design for excellent off-road trac- The Goodyear G177 DuraSeal contains Goodyear's self-sealing DuraSeal Technology and has been designed for coalfield applications (left). The Goodyear G741 has been designed for mine trucks that drive across severe terrain (right). 34 E&MJ • JUNE 2013 For even more severe-service mining applications, Goodyear offers the G741 MSD. "Mine operations want a tire that's big, rough and tough, but also versatile and adaptable to a variety of conditions and requirements. Goodyear offers the G741 MSD with these considerations in mind," Buckham said. The G741 contains a variety of features to help mine truck drivers cover extreme terrain with confidence, including: a deep, 33/32-in. tread with a wide footprint for extra traction and high mileage; an aggressive, self-cleaning tread design to help resist mud build-up for enhanced off-road traction; a special cut- and chip-resistance compound for improved performance on tough terrain; and tread block sipes for improved traction in wet, snow and ice conditions, while maintaining dry surface traction. "The tire also boasts an innovative sidewall design that allows chains to be placed above tread blocks," said Buckham. "This will help minimize slippage." Goodyear's Total Package Solution The robust G177 DuraSeal and G741 MSD are parts of Goodyear's Total Package Solution of innovative products, best-in-class services and profitability tools, said Jose Martinez, fleet solutions manager, Goodyear. "Our goal is to help fleets of all sizes, configurations and vocations—including mining fleets—lower their operating costs. An important part of this effort is providing customers with comprehensive information about the performance of their tires, so they can make better business decisions," Martinez said. One such tool is Tire Trac, an online program exclusively offered through the Goodyear-FleetHQ portfolio of business solutions that monitors a fleet's service history, plus the performance of individual tires—collecting, documenting and presenting key data via easily customizable reports. "Through Tire Trac, fleets can see how their tires and maintenance programs are performing and can identify issues that need to be corrected," said Martinez. Tire Trac also provides purchase reporting, which lets customers see details of their tire and service purchases. Fleets can benchmark their spending against the last couple of months or even years, and run reports by tire type, size and wheel position. The Goodyear-FleetHQ Dashboard is another tool that mining operations can use to obtain a "snapshot" of tire and service performance. As part of its Total Package Solution, Goodyear also offers premium-quality retreaded tires, including a special G177 tread that has been designed for rugged off-road use. The G177 tread has an openshoulder design for enhanced self-cleaning capabilities and a special compound to help resist chip and chunk damage. "Sophisticated mining operations recognize the value of performance information and understand that access to tire and service data can help reduce their operating costs," said Martinez. "Tools like Tire Trac and the Goodyear-FleetHQ Dashboard—combined with innovative tires such as the G177 DuraSeal and G741 MSD—can help mining operations achieve Goodyear's exclusive DuraSeal this increasingly important objective." For more information, visit Technology seals nail-hole punctures of up to 1/4-in. in diameter in the repairable area of a tire's tread.

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