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RUSSIAN GOLD COMPANY PROFILE- PAID ADVERTISEMENT Luber-finer®, a trusted brand from FRAM Filtration, offers a complete array of oil/lube, air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic and cabin air filters that have been specifically designed to meet the challenges of harsh mining operations. Luber-finer filtration equipment will help keep your machinery running at peak performance while protecting the major heavy-duty equipment investments that mining companies make. For more information about Luber-finer filtration solutions for the mining industry, please visit Luber-finer has been a trusted name in filters for more than 76 years, offering quality solutions for all automotive, on-highway trucking, and off-road trucks/vehicles, marine, mining, construction, agricultural and oil and gas industry applications. Today, Luber-finer is Built To Do More™ by offering exceptional customer service, leading product development and unique digital strategies that help customers improve their performance and efficiency. For more information on Luber-finer heavy-duty filtration products, please visit or call (800) 851-3641. FRAM Filtration is one of the world's largest suppliers of filters and filtration products. FRAM Filtration supplies products through industry-leading brands such as FRAM®, Luber-finer® and PetroClear®. Through its brands, FRAM Filtration serves the automotive, heavy-duty trucking and several industrial markets. The company operates through a global network of manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and offices located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and China. For more on FRAM Filtration, please visit 72 E&MJ • JUNE 2013 to the five-year development plan of Yuzhuralzoloto, the Ural assets will be a major growth point for the future. Expected production of the Ural assets will rise by 12 mt/y of gold. In 2012, the Visochaishi Company increased gold mining 18.6% to 168,000 oz/5.23 mt compared with 2011. Gold sales rose 17.4% to 5.215 mt, while gold sales revenue increased 29% to $290 million. Gold mining in the Golec Visochaishi deposit in Irkutsk Oblast rose 16.8% to 4.866 mt. In the Great Kuranakh deposit in the Republic of Yakutia, the company increased gold mining by almost 50% to 353.5 kg. In 2013, Visochaishi plans to increase this figure to 6 mt. Capital expenditures are expected to reach $100-$120 million in 2013. In 2012, the company also purchased the Drajnoie gold deposit in the Republic of Yakutia for $20 million. Gold production by Sovrudnik was expected to amount to 3.95 to 4 mt in 2012. In 2011, output from this area was 3.561 mt. The company has not provided official data on 2012 production, but for the first nine months of 2012 it increased production 16% to 2.885 mt in a year-on-year comparison. Sovrudnik has production operations in the North-Yenisei region of Krasnoyarsk Krai and appears to be the second-largest gold mining company in the region. The main raw deposits of the company are Eldorado, Soviet and Alexander Ageevskoe. The total balance resources on licensing of facilities are estimated at 71.3 mt of gold C1+C2. In 2012, JSC Susumansky Gold increased mining in the Kolyma region 13.5% to about 3.7 mt, compared to 3.56 mt in 2011. In 2013, the company plans to keep gold production at the same level. After encountering difficulties due to its rapidly depleting ore base, the company began acquiring mining enterprises, not only in Magadan Oblast, but also far beyond its previous operational borders. In particular, the Recapitalized gold mining operations plan to replace much of the antiquated equipment still being used in many of the pits.

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