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COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT THE FULL COMPLEMENT of REQUIRED OPEN GEARING CORE COMPETENCIES from a SINGLE SOURCE Groupe CIF (Compagnie Industrielle et Financière de Bussy) is comprised of five operating companies with manufacturing activities in seven separate facilities located in France and Germany. Employing more than 1200 persons, Groupe CIF is one of the largest privatelyheld industrial groups in Europe. Groupe CIF's companies serve many industrial markets including mining, cement, energy, steel, offshore and environmental. Principal activities are foundry, machining, fabrication and the design and manufacturing of mechanical power transmission systems. FERRY-CAPITAIN and CMD, at one time competitors within the realm of open gearing, have been working together under the umbrella of Groupe CIF since late 2005. Through gear engineering department design collaboration, and using the productive capacities of other Groupe CIF companies, optimized open gearing packages (gear, pinion, reducer, couplings, inching drive) are offered for all types of mill and kiln drive trains. FERRY-CAPITAIN and CMD deliver products and services to an international customer base that includes major minerals and cement producers and equipment OEMs. Design Using proprietary design software, and the latest 3-D modeling techniques, gear sets are optimized for functionality, manufacturability and cost. Performance ratings are established using recognized ISO and AGMA standards, in accordance with application and customer requirements. Research and Development Groupe CIF's unparalleled engineering resources are constantly working on advancing gear technology. With an emphasis on increased load capacity and improved service life, recent metallurgical developments, such as proprietary FerryNod® high-hardness ductile iron casting grades, ensure that FERRY-CAPITAIN will maintain a leadership position in the supply of cast open gears. Pattern Making Gear patterns are made on state-of-the-art CNC machines, and using a multi-layer assembly concept from computer models. Gear patterns can be available for casting in less than one week, shortening overall production leadtimes. machining and gear-cutting capability, and capacity and scheduling flexibility, that is second to none. Even the largest projects involving multiple sets of components can be delivered by FERRY CAPITAIN within timeframes that would otherwise require multiple suppliers working in parallel. Recent investments have resulted in FERRY-CAPITAIN having the ability to machine and cut gears up to 16 meters (52.5 ft) in diameter, thanks to its new machining centre VBCM16 (which stands for Vertical Boring & Cutting Machine 16 meters), complementing the six other gear cutters (2 at Ø8m; 3 at Ø12m; 1 at Ø14m) in operation. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)/Inspection With a large team of COFREND-qualified NDT inspectors on staff, FERRY-CAPITAIN provides a full range of quality inspections that many others may offer only as options. In addition to a full range of dimensional and tooth geometry verifications, magnetic particle and ultrasonic tests are carried out as standard practice to ensure the highest level of integrity of all critical gear surfaces. Contact/Mesh Testing As a final visual means of verifying that the gear teeth will properly mesh with the drive pinions when placed in service, fixed-center and crane roll tests may be carried out. As a member of the American Gear Manufacturers' Association (AGMA), FERRY-CAPITAIN is a key contributor to the Mill Gearing Committee responsible for the development of design ratings standards for open gearing used in rotating (cylindrical shell and trunnion supported) equipment applications. As the only Committee member having direct experience in the casting of both alloy steel and ductile iron gear materials, and through extensive metallurgical research and development, FERRY-CAPITAIN occupies a unique position within the domain open gearing suppliers. References Groupe CIF companies have produced in excess of 5000 cast open gears since the late 1960s, with more than 700 of these being manufactured from cast ductile iron. Now representing more than 50% of the 100-120 open gears that are produced annually by Groupe CIF, ductile iron gearing has gained wide acceptance in critical process industries worldwide. In early 2012, a leading international cement producer formally approved ductile iron as a gearing material for its mill and kiln drives. Largely as a result of FERRY-CAPITAIN's continued emphasis on metallurgical development, including proprietary FerryNod® highhardness casting grades, ductile iron is now a material of choice for all types of open gearing applications. Casting With two foundry locations in France, FERRY-CAPITAIN is the only supplier in the world capable of casting both steel and ductile iron gear materials having a minimum guaranteed hardness of 340 BHN. Unlike many other gearing suppliers that rely on subcontracted castings or fabrications, FERRY-CAPITAIN can provide gear materials that are specifically tailored to provide the optimum combination of mechanical properties and cost for a given application, while maintaining control over quality and delivery. Machining and Cutting Through continued investment in upgrading capabilities and expanding capacities of an installed base of 200+ machine tools within seven manufacturing locations, Groupe CIF companies possess a range of 74 E&MJ • JUNE 2013

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