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O N L I N E A N A LY S I S constituents (Si, Al, Fe, Ca, K and Ti), but it also can measure Na and Mg, which PGNAA cannot in most coals. This in turn leads to better ash fusion determination and more accurate baseto-acid ratio estimation. Progression is anything but a novice to these technologies. They have been successfully supplying the petrochemical market with MR technology for more than 20 years. In 2004, the company began working with some of the world's most knowledgeable LIBS experts in the fields of space exploration, mining and materials handling and government labs. In that same year, Progression first tested a commercial LIBS analyzer on an over-the-belt configuration within the minerals industry and today has multiple MR systems operating within the phosphate industry. The years of real-world applications experience in the mining industry contributed significantly in the development and design of the Titan CCA. The Titan CCA combines both technologies in a single instrument, with adjacent analysis modules for MR and LIBS (See Figure 4). Figure 6b: Titan CCA calorific value performance. Figure 6c: Titan CCA ash performance. COMPANY PROFILE- PAID ADVERTISEMENT Rigid Lifelines®: Fall Protection in a New Direction The mining industry is always adapting to the demands of modern America. As the needs of the industry change, so do the needs of the workers. That's why Rigid Lifelines has been supplying turnkey and customized fall protection solutions that 94 E&MJ • JUNE 2013 can accommodate people working at height in virtually any location. Rigid Lifelines provides a full line of portable and permanent systems that will work for you. Our engineers are driven by their passion for developing fall protection systems that better suit the needs of modern industry and workers. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of fall arrest, fall restraint, and fall prevention systems, in addition to soft goods and accessories. All Rigid Lifelines products exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements to provide a superior protection that is both user-friendly and low-maintenance. And both of our manufacturing facilities in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, and Las Vegas, Nevada, meet the requirements of a Certified Welding Fabricator in accordance with the American Welding Society. If you need a permanent or portable fall protection solution, Rigid Lifelines has a system that will meet your needs. Either visit our website at: or give us a call at: 800-869-2080 to find the system that works for you. If you don't find what you're looking for, tell us what you need! We're always eager to help you find a solution that's right for you.

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