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VALVE SELECTION AUGUST 2017 • E&MJ 45 fill reticulation without the need to manu- ally reroute fill lines. Requiring just three couplings to attach it to the piping net- work, the valve is designed with grooved ends that allow for quick installation when compared with traditional backfill diversion methods. The diverter valve's ductile iron body and plug are coated with polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). The PPS coating ensures superior corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand high-temperature/ high-pressure backfill. Continuous flush- ing is not necessary because the smooth profile of the plug's 5D bend prevents clogging. Additionally, the valve can be installed vertically, horizontally or in any intermediate position. Remote Operations The Victaulic Series 725 Diverter Valve is available with three different actuation op- tions: manual gear, pneumatic and multi- turn electric motor operators. The manual operator features internal gear limit stops that guide the plug's orientation and pre- vent premature deterioration. This option is suitable for sites that require continuous staffing. The indicator arrow is easily spot- ted even in low-light conditions, making the plug's exact operating location obvious. Perhaps the valve's most important capability is remote operation. With the electric and pneumatic actuation options, operators can easily change the flow of backfill from the safety of a control room. Both options offer a mine site the flexibil- ity to set up a proportional–integral–de- rivative (PID) system using timers, sen- sors and additional valves to detect the exact conditions of the piping system and precisely manage flow diversion without ever touching a tool. Remote control of the valve not only improves on-site safety, but enables quicker backfill rerouting and streamlined backfill operation. In more than three years of operational experience, 70 installed valves processed nearly 30 million tons of backfill. Just one remotely operated valve is shown to save up to $2 million in just one month when evaluating the cost of plant downtime. Considerable data has been collected on the Victaulic Series 725 diverter valve's capabilities and performance, proving the valve is making manual changeovers a process of the past. As mines pursue ore at deeper depths, economic survival depends on innovative, cost-effective technologies. Improving productivity and efficiency across the mining lifecycle while adapting to ev- er-changing conditions is crucial. This article was supplied by Victaulic. Extra deep tread provides excellent traction Reinforced sidewalls minimize stone cuts and damage caused by scrubbing Special tear, cut & wear resistant compound for long wear life Specially designed rim guard ensures protection against damages in rim fl ange area Strong casing for durability and puncture resistancea BKT USA Inc. 2660 West Market St., Suite 100 Fairlawn (Akron) - OH 44333 Toll free: (+1) 888-660-0662 Offi ce: (+1) 330-836-1090 - Fax: (+1) 330-836-1091 Skid Power HD The smooth profile of the plug's 5D bend prevents clogging.

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