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VALVE SELECTION AUGUST 2017 • E&MJ 47 possibilities for effective, streamlined de- signs. Freed from the mechanical restric- tions and space requirements needed for springs, actuator designers can now use the space once reserved for springs for more user-focused design elements, such as friendlier valve adaptation, simplified inventory, tighter repeatability on control valves and air consumption efficiency de- signs. These are also the crucial factors that mining operators must consider when planning and maintaining their facilities. Actuator manufacturers may for exam- ple build double-acting or fail-safe in fail- close or fail-open functioning all in the same package, thereby reducing invento- ry complexity by threefold. Further, the design improves valve ad- aptation. For example, Easytork actuators use the additional real estate from the internal air reservoir to create more room for valve mounting without the need for space-consuming third-party components such as brackets and a coupler. All these elements combined make for a more ef- ficient, user-friendly valve automation package size. The introduction of the pneumat- ic fail-safe actuator without the use of springs, external reservoirs, and an emergency backup operating medium has significantly changed the pneumatic fail-safe industry. End users aware of this new innovation of pneumatic actuators are best-positioned to maintain more effi- cient valve automation systems and sim- plified operations. George Wang is president of Easytork Automation Corp. Prior to founding Ea- sytork, Wang was part of the group that founded Taiwan Ball Valve, which was sold to Tyco in 2002. Jack Dovenbarger is head of sales at Easytork. They can be reached at With options to run semi-autonomously or by radio remote control, underground productivity will grow with the Scooptram ST18. You'll get optimal loading cycles every time while enjoying comfort and best-in-class visibility. Step up your game 800-732-6762 On the left: Singular actuator body with an integral air reservoir and vane compartment. Source: Easytork On the right: Both actuators with similar torque. The actuator on the left saves space through direct-mount to valve.

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