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AUGUST 2017 • E&MJ 83 OPERATING STRATEGIES Construction Ltd. (KPCL), to be on-site to offer part-time assistance during the plate assembly and on two other multiday visits to assist with the backfi ll process. The en- tire project, however, started years earlier with AIL Mining's early design/specifi ca- tion collaborations with Hatch, the proj- ect's design consultants. Software Speeds Technical Documentation Management Ontario, Canada-based MacLean Engi- neering has been developing innovative underground mining equipment solutions for more than 40 years, expanding its products and support services into 23 countries on six continents. MacLean's product line ranges from ground support with their 900 Series platform and utility bolters, to ore fl ow with secondary reduction drills, mobile rock breakers, and water cannons, to explosives handing vehicles, shotcrete sprayers, and MineMate support vehicles and attachments. The company supports its interna- tional market presence with a global dis- tribution network of branches and deal- ers, a 24/7/365 parts support hotline, a technical support hotline, an online technical publications portal, an online order tracking portal and the provision of recommended spares packages. It also provides a complete suite of multilin- gual technical publications in a variety of formats to meet the needs of customers around the globe. Keeping its more than 1,000 sets of separate manuals for operators, training, maintenance and parts continuously up- to-date and accurate is an arduous task — not to mention updating parts man- uals daily and translating manuals into French and Spanish. However, MacLean Engineering recently reported that after implementing a new suite of technical documentation software, its publishing time has been reduced by half. Manual Labor Maclean's technical publications man- ager, Bruce Mackereth, was faced with a hurdle from day one. The existing sys- tem used for publishing all of MacLean's technical publications — a combination of Word and CatBase — could not cope with the level of output needed. "When I started at MacLean, there was a backlog of some 219 sets of new manu- als outstanding, which equated to around 4,300 hours or two years of work using our old system," said Mackereth. "Cus- tomers were left waiting to receive their manuals well after they had received their machines, which frustrated both our cus- tomers and us. We were widely recognized for our manufacturing excellence, but our ability to create and update manuals was a signifi cant and pressing challenge." "By being constantly in catch-up mode, trying to get through that back- log, we couldn't focus on developing new manuals or being more innovative with our documentation. Instead, we had a system that not only took an inordinate 20 hours to create one manual, but a system that didn't even allow our staff to have access to digital content online," said Mackereth. Solution: Write Once, Reuse Everywhere MacLean wanted a solution that would cut publishing time, substantially reduce the cost of updating content, reuse data more The use of AIL Mining's Super•Cor Round reinforcing structure allows construction of the tunnel's 14.5-m-long bevels without the need for internal bracing during the backfi ll process. AIL's unique design connects heavy-duty welded wire soil reinforcement mats to a series of connection anchor strips, integrated with the exterior sides. As a global supplier of underground mining equipment, Maclean Engineering is tasked with keeping its more than 1,000 sets of separate manuals for operators, training, maintenance and parts continuously up-to-date and accurate.

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