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84 E&MJ • AUGUST 2017 OPERATING STRATEGIES easily, enable authors to focus on content rather than formatting, and provide online access to their documentation. Absolute Data Group's R4i product suite seems to have met those requirements. ADG, headquartered in Brisbane, Aus- tralia, said its R4i suite includes tools needed to create, manage, and leverage information that is vital to the operation and maintenance of complex assets. The integration between R4i products allows the same information to be used across various areas of a business consistent- ly and quickly. By having one source of content, it saves both time and money, and ensures information out in the fi eld, during maintenance, and in training is all changed at the same time. "We successfully implemented the full suite of R4i products two years ago," said Mackereth. "We can now produce detailed parts and operator manuals with minimal effort. What once took 20 hours to complete, now only takes 8-10 hours, from CAD output to a published manual." Since the implementation, Maclean Engineering has structured and published more than 300 sets of manuals, and they cleared their backlog of manuals in the fi rst year. MacLean's team can now pro- duce all documentation in XML and pub- lish to electronic and print mediums. "ADG's training and support has suc- cessfully turned a group of WYSIWYG authors into XML protégés," said Mack- ereth. "This alone has opened up several options to us to further increase the reus- ability of our information." MacLean's customers are embracing the capabilities of the interactive elec- tronic technical publications (IETPs) they are provided. Many are interested in con- verting all of their older documentation to the new system. "Our customers continue to see the benefi ts of our decision to go with ADG over many other options that were available to us. The quality of the products and the ex- ceptional level of service we always receive have validated our decision. The feedback from customers on our interactive electron- ic parts manuals has been excellent." Reaping the Benefi ts ADG CEO Tammy Halter said many com- panies can achieve the same benefi ts from R4i as MacLean Engineering. "Benefi ts can be gained in data plan- ning and management, authoring and de- livery. By utilizing an S1000D-compliant database, our CSDB, at the core of the system, data can be exchanged and re- used more easily and common data can be identifi ed," said Halter. "This not only in- creases data integrity, but generates more consistent documentation. For example, information that is updated in an opera- tor's manual is also updated in the related training manual and maintenance manual. "This can reduce update costs by 30%. Output errors only need to be fi xed once, and fl ow on. Authors also have an easy roll back to previous versions of content." MacLean Engineering believes the speed of publishing and the cost savings gained from reusing content have been the greatest benefi ts. "We receive our data from CAD CAM systems and automatically import that into the CSDB, for multi-re- purpose across customers and across de- livery types. We would reuse about 75% of our content, in terms on data modules and images," said Mackereth. "That's a huge saving to our business, when we have more than 42,000 mod- ules and more than 125,000 images in our database. It also delivers exceptional benefi ts to our customers in terms of pub- lishing speed. "We are now completing the creation and population of around 300 modules that can be used to create any one of 61 different English operator manuals for our equipment," said Mackereth. "The next step is to duplicate that effort for both French and Spanish. But the most excit- ing development is our foray into creating standardized e-learning for both mainte- nance and operating instructions for our customers. It's the obvious next step in reusing our data." Monitor Lube Oil Flows in Crushers & Mills 248-542-9635 Legendary Reliability After converting its manual preparation process to use Absolute Data Group's R4i information management system, Maclean saw its typical manual publishing time requirement drop by half.

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