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AUGUST 2017 • E&MJ 85 SUPPLIERS REPORT According to Atlas Copco, automa- tion and digitalization are the future of the mining industry, but automation is not just about remotely controlled ma- chines. The Swedish-based equipment supplier said it offers smart connected products, and its new 6thSense con- cept is a major advance in getting all these systems connected. "We are now taking a big step on the digital path for systems integration in mining, quarrying and tunneling. With 6thSense you are able to improve your operation in a com- pletely new way," said Olav Kvist, vice president–mining technology. "6thSense is all about interoperability, advanced data analytics and a work pro- cess where we help our customers take the right steps toward improved opera- tions," Kvist continued. "Every little step results in the clear benefits of 6thSense: increased safety, increased predictability and increased productivity." With 6thSense, Atlas Copco inte- grates equipment, services and automa- tion with advanced analytics and man- agement systems. Atlas Copco announced partner- ships and collaborations with Mobilar- is MCE, Dassault Systemes and IBM. "We are not alone in this," said Kvist. "We are developing collaborations and key partnerships with a number of com- panies with excellence in performance and capabilities." The company said its customers are currently on different productivity levels and are seeking new ways to improve their operations. This is where Atlas Copco with its 6thSense digital path expects to be a key enabler to meet customer spe- cific needs. Joe Farrugia, vice president– global technology operations, noted, "The key thing is that most can take significant steps on their existing fleets." 6thSense, said Atlas Copco, can be defined in four levels: machine function, machine autonomy, process autonomy and system integration. These levels are described as follows. Machine Function – The first level, machine function, is operator assisted through automated machine functions. Monitoring systems provide easy access and collection of data while control systems provide operator assist func- tionality improving the value of the ma- chine in use. Machine Autonomy – Machine autono- my involves automation of a complete ma- chine and remote control of one or more machines at the same time. One can op- timize their equipment's full capacity by not having to adjust to the normal staff time schedules. On top of this, autono- mous operation means the machine is run consistently to its specifications, improv- ing the life, and reducing wear and tear from manual use. Automation of a complete process – Process autonomy occurs when machines start to become connected from a work- ing perspective. This is automation of a complete process with a mixed fleet com- municating machine to machine, with re- al-time positioning integrated to planning and decision support systems — such as complete interoperability in a drill/blast cycle process. Whole of systems interoperability – The final and highest level, system integration, is a complete integration of processes and systems across the entire value chain. This includes advanced analytics, traffic management, total asset management and the whole operation management. New Cyanide Plant to Serve Mexican Mining Market The Chemours Co., regarded as the world's largest supplier of sodium cyanide, held a "placing of the first stone" event on June 24 to mark the start of construction of a new Chemours Mining Solutions manu- facturing facility in the state of Durango, Mexico. This project represents an esti- mated $150 million investment, accord- ing to the company. Located in the municipality of Gómez Palacio, the new facility will ensure a safe and reliable supply to the mining industry in Mexico, said Chemours. "This project is a further demonstration of our five- point transformation plan and will support the growing needs of the Mexican mining market," said Mark Vergnano, Chemours president and CEO. "We've had success- ful operations in Mexico for more than 90 years, and this undertaking reinforces our continued commitment to our Chemours Mining Solutions business." Chris Siemer, president of the com- pany's chemical solutions business unit, said, "Mining companies count on us for consistent, reliable supply to help keep their operations running. This produc- tion facility in Mexico will significantly increase our capacity and will include state-of-the-art manufacturing technol- ogy and production processes. Its loca- Atlas Copco's 6thSense Offers a Digital Path to Systems Integration With the introduction of its 6thSense concept, Atlas Copco aims to integrate equipment, services, and automation with advanced analytics and management systems.

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