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NOVEMBER 2017 • E&MJ 75 EQUIPMENT GALLERY SANY launched the SY395H and the SY750H large excavators, designed for mine construction. The two models im- prove effi ciency by 8%-10% over prede- cessor competition, and drop fuel con- sumption by 10%, the company said. The strengthened working devices and wear-resistant bucket enhance the digging force, the company reported. The design and manufacturing techniques extend the service life by 50%. In addition, the excavators can be equipped with versa- tile parts and attachments, such as ex- tension jib, breaker, cutter and ripper for different uses. SANY has ranked No.1 in China ex- cavator sales for six consecutive years and captured 20% of the excavator market share. System Facilitates Changing Crusher Head Nuts by Hand Technofast Industries developed the Ezi- Tite Hydraulic HeadNut system to facili- tate changing out head nuts on gyratory crushers. The system features a reusable hydraulic clamping nut, which uses a hand pump to develop the precise ten- sile load required, integrated mechani- cal locking screws and a protective wear cover. The assembly is screwed by hand onto the crusher shaft (replacing the orig- inal nut) until the base is tight. Hydrau- lic pressure is then applied. The locking screws are then engaged and the wear cover bolted in place. When it is time to remove the HeadNut, the installation pro- cedure is simply reversed and the nut is removed by hand. The system eliminates the need for use of fl ogging spanners, sledge hammers, and cutting torches. Overlay Pipe Features Guaranteed Resistance, Life Hardox Wearparts introduced the Durox- ite 100 overlay pipe with guaranteed wear resistance and designed for extend- ed service life when transporting wet or dry abrasive materials. The pipe is manufactured by welding chromium-rich, abrasion-resistant materials inside a mild steel pipe. Consistent wear prop- erties are guaranteed throughout the pipe down to 75% of the overlay thick- ness. The remaining 25% of overlay is the transition layer. An optimal carbide composition ensures homogenous bond- ing between the base metal and overlay, adding to its high wear resistance and long service life. The pipe is available in diameters from 150 mm to 900 mm. Lengths can be cut to order and ends can have custom-made fl anges. Dust Suppressants and Ground Control Agents Quaker Chemical Corp. recently show- cased its DUSTGRIP dust suppressants and MINETECH ground control agents. DUSTGRIP JFP-95 presents as a sol- id material in a cylindrical shape and can be added to any system through a variety of prefabricated manifolds, the company reported. This eliminates the need for a liquid addition pump, and allows the strength of the suppressant solution to be adjusted quickly, or completely shut off. The solid material allows for a more compacted container size than a liquid dust suppressant, which means less storage area. MINETECH ground control agents can be dispensed through low- or high-pressure dispensing systems for rapid cavity fi lling and strata consolidation, the company re- ported. These products provide good pen- etration into small fi ssures, have excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and dura- bility, and are fast acting. They are engi- neered for minimal disruption to the work- place for installation. Logic Controller Enables Hot Swapping The new ABB Jokab Safety Pluto program- mable logic controller (PLC) is designed to enable hot swapping for replacement with just the removal of the old terminal caps and a push of a button. If wired cor- rectly, the PLC maintains a Performance Large Excavator Design Extends Service Life by Half

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