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NOVEMBER 2017 • E&MJ 77 EQUIPMENT GALLERY Fifth Generation Spectrometer SPECTRO Analytical Instruments in- troduced the SPECTRO MIDEX MID05 spectrometer. The spectrometer is a fi fth-generation, fast, accurate, small- spot energy-dispersive X-ray fl uorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer for precious metal testing, the company reported. It incor- porates the latest developments in ED- XRF detector technology using high count rate and high resolution. Benefi ts include high precision, ease of use, reliability, im- proved speed, compact design and global support, the company reported. Blasthole Pre-treatment Lubricates, Seals Blastboss released Holeguard, a multi- function blasthole pre-treatment that, the company reported, combats poor collar- ing, hole decay and wall instability. Hole- guard is a concentrat- ed micro-emulsion of water soluble co-poly- mers designed to de- liver maximum drilling effi ciencies by reduc- ing friction, increas- ing cuttings removal, sealing drill collars for dust control and stabilizing blast hole walls to minimize wall collapse. Holeguard is supplied as a liquid dispersion formulation that reacts rapidly at minimal dosage rates, penetrating deep into the strata surrounding a blast hole and pro- viding lubrication to the hole, increasing the lifting capacity for cuttings transportation and encapsu- lating water sensitive clays or shales, the company reported. Applied as a preventative treatment, Holeguard delivers multiple drilling ef- fi ciencies for a site, increasing factors such as lifting capacity while simultane- ously reducing the time crew spend on corrective action such as re-drilling and sub-drilling, the company reported. Software Integration Unites Production With Finance RPMGlobal (RPM) integrated two of its digital mine offerings, AMT and XERAS Enterprise, bringing together production, maintenance, simulation and fi nancial planning offerings. The integration of AMT and XERAS Enterprise breaks down the divisions of maintenance, production and fi nance. AMT features the Dynamic Lifecycle Costing (DLCC) engine. DLCC is the process of real-time forecasting ev- ery maintenance event for an asset to the end of its useful life. XERAS Enterprise is a zero-based budgeting solution and enterprise platform. With SAP-certifi ed integration, XERAS Enterprise delivers a live forecasting environment. XERAS En- terprise also delivers cost-driver, scenario and what-if analysis straight out of the box, the company reported. Separately, RPM launched Under- ground Metals Solution (UGMS), a sched- uling solution tailored for underground metals mines. Integrating with RPM's Enterprise Planning Platform, UGMS features automated planning and sched- uling. RPM's solution architects focused on embedding logical workfl ows with backfi ll functionality in the intelligence layer so that the solution automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve, the company reported. Monitor Lube Oil Flows in Crushers & Mills 248-542-9635 Legendary Reliability Visit us at AEMA in Reno, NV Booth 760

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