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IN-PIT CRUSHING & CONVEYING APRIL 2018 • E&MJ 59 90,000-ton enclosed stockpile is loaded via a traveling tripper car and reclaimed by a TAKRAF portal scraper machine. The reclaimed urea is transported via a reclaim conveyor and another pipe con- veyor to a truck/train load-out station. At this load-out station, rail cars or trucks are loaded in an automated single-batch system utilizing weigh bins, knife gates, and shuttle conveyors. These examples of TAKRAF's recent projects demonstrate how conveyor tech- nology has advanced to meet the current demands and challenges of delivering material needed to produce the equip- ment and products that feed and en- hance the world's economies. The limit of the concept has not yet been reached and more is yet to be found to advance it further. It will be interesting to see what develops next. Derrick W56 Trash Screen removing carbon at 600 microns Increase Gold Recovery, Reduce Costs, Improve Performance & Efficiency, and Equipment Reliability Derrick ® offers solutions for fine screening in gold processing plants that effectively address all of these objectives. Whether your application is cyclone overflow trash duty, tailings carbon safety, in-tank interstage carbon retention, de-gritting, loaded carbon, carbon sizing, carbon dewatering, gravity separation, or carbon column safety, Derrick has a proven solution for you. Derrick screening machines – equipped with long-lasting, non-blinding Polyweb ® urethane surfaces – offer the highest screen throughput in the smallest available footprint. D E R R I C K ® U R E T H A N E S C R E E N S ® Contact Derrick today to discover how you can increase efficiency and profits! TAKRAF's material handling system for urea in USA.

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