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UNDERGROUND MINING 62 E&MJ • APRIL 2018 If you need high open area to hit your production targets, we have more modular options than anyone else. Choose from polyurethane, rubber or our Metaldex TM welded wire product line. Combined with our industry-leading service, support and performance guarantee, that's why Polydeck is Your Trusted Screening Resource. Is Open Area the Key . . . . . . to Your Screening Performance? 1790 Dewberry Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29307 Phone: 1 (864) 579-4594 / Fax: 1 (864) 579-4173 70 OPTIONS > 45% OPEN AREA Work in the field is being coordinat- ed by Sibanye Resources' safe technolo- gy and innovation project engineer, Alex Fenn, who has noted the important part that CMTI Group's ULPs will play in help- ing the company do away with the use of explosives, paving the way forward for continuous mining practices. Entire production cycles are still founded on these instantaneous blasting procedures that result in extended peri- ods of inactivity while shafts are evacuat- ed due to the noxious gases that are gen- erated and the seismicity that is induced. CMTI Group's ULP 1000 rock-breaker imparts a suitable amount of energy into the rock, and is compact enough to fit into congested spaces to avoid increasing ma- terial dilution. It is also able to negotiate the prolific support structures at South Africa's deep-level gold mines, while the MT 100 allows mines to complete stope cleaning within 24 hours, which is usual- ly restricted to a short three-hour window at Sibanye Resources' mines. These machines also facilitate the ad- justment of shift cycles. Four eight-hour overlapping shifts could be implemented at mines to help address worker fatigue, while improving rock fragmentation, translating into significantly less gold be- ing lost and better mine call factors. Because there is no significant energy imparted to the hanging wall using this technology, mines could even reconsid- er support installations, while improving standard shaft infrastructure availability from as low as 27% to almost 100%. In addition, fleet size and infrastruc- ture that is needed to transport material can be significantly reduced. Efficiencies achieved in the transport component of underground mining opera- tions are complemented by CMTI Group's 10-mt underground hybrid diesel-electric locomotive. "The locomotive uses a low-emission diesel generator, coupled to an advanced battery system and very efficient asyn- chronous permanent magnet motors that are capable of regeneration. Its overall efficiency is between 85% and 90%, which is a vast improvement on existing standard battery, electric, or diesel equip- ment used in gold and PGM mines in the country. The mining house's convention- al mines use a combination of battery, electric and diesel-powered locomotives, and are currently only achieving average efficiencies of between 45% and 55%. Meanwhile, trackless mines have large fleets of equipment that consume signif- icant amounts of diesel with similar effi- ciencies," Burger said. Other stand-out features of the front-driven locomotive include self-steer- ing bogeys, a fully enclosed cab and tri- ple-laminated windscreen, as well as infrared-assisted cameras with video displays, strategically positioned through- out. It can also be remotely operated and features a pedestrian-monitoring system. Importantly, the technology is the ba- sis of further research and development under way in the drivetrains of the future, and the outcome of the research will also guide CMTI Group in the development of future trackless equipment that burns significantly less quantities of fuel in the transportation of ore, men and material. Burger concludes that CMTI Group is proud to be part of the many successes achieved at Sibanye Resources as its transi- tions into new era of gold and PGM mining.

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