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MOTORS AND DRIVES 66 E&MJ • APRIL 2018 Dust and water ingress is prevented by WEG's W3 seal arrangement, which comes with an IP66 rating. This is the highest level of protection before entering the category of submersible motors. "Taking into account that many mine sites often do not have extensive work- shop facilities, the motors are designed for easy installation and maintenance, with solid feet and increased terminal box sizes that allow easy connections," Cristofolini said, adding that it is worth- while for mines to prioritize the total cost of ownership with high-quality de- sign and efficient performance in their choice of motors, with reduced main- tenance and operational costs, as the capital cost makes up only about 2% of the motor's cost of operation over a 10-year life. Start, Stop, Report Although motors are made to run for prolonged periods, a closely controlled startup and shutdown sequence are also generally important elements of a well-designed application. Targeting that need, Rockwell Automation's Al- len-Bradley subsidiary has introduced the new SMC-50 smart motor controller with internal bypass to provide great- er operational control over motor starts and stops. Soft starters traditionally use solid-state, silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to control voltage to the motor during startup, runtime and shutdowns. The reduced torque and current slowly introduces energy to the motor, mitigat- ing electrical and mechanical stress to the application. If these SCRs remain in the circuit once the motor is up to speed, the heat generated by these devices leads to electrical inefficiency. "Users now have the option of choos- ing the proper power structure for their application when purchasing the SMC- 50 smart motor controller. For opera- tions that run over an extended period, built-in internal bypass allows users to shift from solid-state switches to bypass contactors," said Rick Anderson, product manager for Soft Starters, Rockwell Au- tomation. "By switching over to the by- pass circuit, users can save on energy and decrease operational costs by minimizing excess heat buildup." Allen-Bradley's new SMC-50 motor controller offers a wide variety of device communications options, including EitherNet/IP and DeviceNet networks. Contribute to the future of the mining industry J U N E 12 -14 2 0 18 | S K E L L E F T E Å , S W E D E N EURO MINE EXPO Machine learning, electrification, battery metals, market development, safety, sustain- ability, automation and digitalization and other interesting topics will be discussed at Euro Mine Expo 2018. Contribute to the future of the mining industry - Join us at Euro Mine Expo 2018 International trade fair & conference GOLD SPONSORS: PARTNER:

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