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84 E&MJ • APRIL 2018 EQUIPMENT GALLERY Artisan Vehicle Systems launched the Z40, a 40-metric-ton (mt) battery-powered un- derground haul truck. The truck, designed and developed at the company's Kirkland Lake facility, leverages Artisan's 153 lith- ium battery technology. It is the smallest on the market, has almost twice the peak horsepower and produces 1/8 the heat of the diesel competition, and can outperform rivals at amount hauled per day, Artisan re- ported. The truck reduces demand on mine ventilation and cooling systems, enables deep mining, and improves working condi- tions underground, the company reported. 30-in. Crane With Almost 20-ft. Boom Microcranes Inc. introduced the M1 Glob- al Model Microcrane, which is 30 in. wide but expands to a 22-ft. tip height. The crane is rated at 2,000 lb, can be oper- ated without a license, has a hook height of 20 ft., and weighs 1,800 lb with 300 lb of removable counterweights to reduce weight while transporting. Safety features include an upper limit switch (anti-two-block), 1.5-load safety factor, 4:1 rated hook with safety latch, brakes on rear and front wheels, brake on winch, dual-stop points on four-piece boom, and a winch shield. The ISO-certifi ed M1 Global is built to ASME standards, exceeds OSHA standards and is CE certifi ed to meet international standards for the USA and Canada, Europe, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South America and other territories. Drive for Hazardous Locations Applied Motion released the STAC6-Q-H Stepper Drive, internationally certifi ed for use in hazardous locations. The drive op- erates in environments with fl ammable or explosve gases, vapors or liquids. Powered by 120 volts (AC) that generate a nominal 160-volt DC internal bus, the drive oper- ates best when paired with NEMA 23, 24, 34 or 42 frame step motors. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm ensures optimal torque over a wide speed range. An en- coder feedback option is available for en- hanced system accuracy using Applied Mo- tion's proprietary stall detection and stall prevention features, which overcome lim- itations of open-loop step motor systems, the company reported. The drive can run programs created with Applied Motion's Q programming language, and has suffi cient input/output signals to connect to multiple external devices or sensors. The STAC6- Q-H Stepper Drive is ATEX and IECEx cer- tifi ed for Class I, Zone 2 locations, and UL certifi ed for Class 1, Div. 2, Group C and D locations; Class 1, Zone 2 locations. Heavy-duty Vertical Lift Stertil-Koni promoted its SKYLIFT Wash Bay, a water-resistant heavy-duty galva- nized platform lift that features three-lay- er mono-pox coated lift supports and a stainless steel, lockable control box. De- sign includes two independent runways, no crossbeams, overhang or base frame. The lift can be fl ush- or surface-mounted. Flush mounting permits vehicles with low ground clearance to drive directly onto the SKYLIFT, thus facilitating access to the undercarriage. Space is another consideration for facilities. The vertical rise lift takes up less room than a par- allelogram lift, and has reduced founda- tion requirements, Stertil-Koni reported. Platform lengths run from 23 ft to 48 ft and can lift up to 78,000 lb (or up to 156,000 lb in a tandem confi guration). Battery-powered 40-MT Haul Truck

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